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Location Intelligence

Leverage the transformative power of location data.

In this rapidly evolving digital age, Big Data and the Internet of Things are creating opportunities for organizations to solve complex problems, streamline their workflows, better understand their customers, and increase profits. Businesses that are able to leverage this technology to gain actionable intelligence put themselves at a distinct advantage.

Solve Problems

Combine location data with your business data to gain a competitive advantage.

Visualize Databases

Build interactive maps that visualize your data to reveal hidden insights or uncover new opportunities.

Meaningful Insights

Transform location data insights into outcomes for your business.

Business Outcomes

Empower decision-making and enable better prediction with location intelligence.

So where do you start?

Most organizations approach data analysis statistically, using spreadsheets to extrapolate information. Unfortunately, that means the actual analysis is limited to a handful of professional analysts. This narrow approach eliminates the possibility of valuable insights and contributions from a large percentage of the organization.

Putting data into a visual context is a much more inclusive and powerful strategy. People simply process information faster when it is presented visually. Maps make it easier for stakeholders across all departments to understand not just what is happening, but where and under what conditions, exponentially increasing the value of your data.

See the Big Picture.

Maps, such as this heat map, enable stakeholders to quickly and easily comprehend large volumes of statistical data. They are an intuitive way to see past the numbers to understand larger trends without complex interpretation or analysis.

Fulcrum Location Intelligence Map
Spatial Networks Location Intelligence Survey

Attain More Context.

Location intelligence can add visual context to your data, helping you tell a more complete story. From traffic patterns to asset maintenance to buying habits, the context added by spatial analysis is indispensable.

See what some of our customers are doing with the power of Location Intelligence


Location Intelligence for Telecommunications

Whether you're testing fiber optic cables, inspecting power poles, or conducting feasibility studies, the ability to locate assets on a map is vital for job verification in the telecom field.
Celerity image
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Risk Management

Location Data in Insurance & Risk Management

In the property risk-control industry, location information is essential for protecting assets from both natural and man-made disasters.
Carrington Risk image
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Energy & Utilities

Improving Accuracy and Efficiency with Location Data

With geotagged assets, utility contractors eliminate site revisits and other superfluous activities, conducting more inspections per day with fewer people.
Northpower image
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