Deliver intelligent automation of field workflows.

Fulcrum's no-code workflow automation improves the quality, consistency, and timeliness of mobile activities.


Use geotagged, timestamped data to assess work requirements and match available resources to work orders.


Trigger automated workflows simply and visually based on data in the records you collect.


Continually fine-tune workflows to achieve constant process improvements in the field.


Make sure that everyone knows what actions they need to take as inspections take place.

Make safety and inspection processes less burdensome.

Leverage data-driven workflow automation to ensure that key processes don't require excess human intervention.

Manage process automation without writing code.

Enable non-developers to determine who needs to be alerted by email and SMS, what key process flows should be automated in within the Fulcrum platform, and what systems should be updated.

Make process changes easier for workers.

Update workflows to adjust to changing safety standards and inspection requirements. Alert team members to changes to SOPs when their data warrants it.

Extend workflow to the enterprise.

Avoid re-keying safety and inspection data by pushing data into other systems using Webhooks, data sharing, or native Esri™ formats.


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