Deploy new forms, apps, and reports—without code.

Leveraging Fulcrum's no-code application platform drives efficiency, consistency, and adaptability.

Create without code.

Make digital collection apps, tailored reports, and workflows with if-then rules, email and text alerts – all without programming.

Adapt faster.

Change what you want: Add inspection items, adjust pick lists, alter which fields are mandatory, add a workflow. Then push your altered apps to your team's mobile devices in seconds.

Shave off steps.

Push a final, formatted report to stakeholders in less time than you currently spend driving to the office to transcribe your paper form.

Cut the cords.

Leverage the cloud for easy and continuous deployment – without synchronization cables, installing desktop software, or asking IT for help.

Condense weeks into minutes.

Prototype an app and deploy it in minutes. Synchronize data instantly from mobile devices. Send data-driven alerts within moments. Establish workflows to automate time-consuming processes. Go directly from data collection to reporting with no manual steps. And don't waste time hiring a programmer.

Tailor reports for different needs.

Without writing code, create different versions of your reports to suit user needs. Add cover pages and images. Provide street, satellite, or hybrid maps. Hide sensitive fields to anonymize reports for external stakeholders. Include or suppress metadata, such as record creator, location, and project. And for really sophisticated needs, talk to us about Advanced Reports.

Leverage the cloud.

Free yourself from concerns about security and availability with AWS-based cloud storage of your data. Eliminate software upgrades and maintenance with Fulcrum's SaaS approach. Synchronize all of the checklists, apps, reports, and workflows you create to mobile devices automatically.

Be IT-friendly, but avoid the backlog.

Provide the security and integration that IT requires, but without waiting for them to be productive. Easily deliver data using formats they like, such as JSON, for integration farther down the line. Let them exploit the Fulcrum API for custom access and integration of your apps with enterprise applications.

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