Do more with location data and mobile location intelligence

Using Fulcrum to harness the value of location helps you maximize field team performance and agility and connect the field with the back office.

Leverage location – effortlessly.

Tap into second-to-none location-based data collection capabilities. Use custom map layers, even when there’s no network connection. Know exactly where every photo was taken and record collected with automatic geotagging. Get maps from and share data with Esri™ GIS products.
Case study: location aware and gis-integrated

Provide maps for mobile users.

Add layers, such as this public-domain layer from NOAA, to built-in base maps to provide context with political, demographic, weather, and other boundaries – even offline. Deliver mobile GIS data to locate features before field workers arrive onsite.

Integrate using GIS formats.

Get one-click integration with Esri™ ArcGIS Online™. Use web services to integrate real-time data with GIS tools using formats like GeoJSON, KML, and Feature Services. Export data as shapefiles, SpatialLite, and GeoPackage. And there's an API if you need total control!

Get rich GIS data with less effort.

Automatically geotag where every picture was taken and every record was updated. Get complete data from mobile apps that field users can use consistently and accurately, and bring that data into your GIS as a data-rich layer — all without code.


Fresno County, CA

Learn how Fresno County replaced paper FEMA forms with a mobile app overnight so volunteer data collectors could feed fresh, high-quality data into its GIS.
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