The Fulcrum Preview Program
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How the Preview Program Works

Once enrolled in the Preview program, we will enable new test features on your account, giving you access to the preview features. For preview versions of the mobile apps, instructions to download will be provided depending on the mobile platform being tested. Preview users will be notified by a message of the new feature to test and provide feedback. Not all new product features will be available for preview, but we will make the best effort to make them available when possible. During the Preview period, product features might change or be removed based on customer feedback.

How to Provide Feedback

Preview users are asked to provide feedback by using the red support bubble in the bottom right corner of Fulcrum. You can also write to submit feedback. Feedback provided will be reviewed by our development team.

Terms and Conditions of Preview Program

  1. You agree and understand that Preview software is not the final released version of the software. Preview software is released for the purpose of testing, and therefore inherently has potential software anomalies.
  2. You agree that there will be no formal technical support for preview software, and none will be available until the software is officially released.
  3. You agree that there is no guarantee of any specific Preview public release dates unless specifically announced.
  4. The Preview software features are available at no cost during the program period only. They will be available on appropriate plans and costs upon official public release.
  5. You will not redistribute the Preview software to any third party.

Disclaimer of Warranty:

You understand and acknowledge that the preview software is a test product and that its accuracy and reliability are not guaranteed. You agree to waive all claims against Spatial Networks arising from the performance or nonperformance of the preview software. Furthermore, you assume all responsibility for damages, lost data, and other consequences that result directly or indirectly from the use of the preview software.



  • 19 July 2016: Launching the Preview program