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Check out our resources designed to help you get the most out of Fulcrum.

Fast Fulcrum walkthrough

Welcome to a quick look at Fulcrum’s powerful field data collection and process management platform. With our Fast Fulcrum Walkthrough video, you’ll discover how seamlessly Fulcrum integrates into your workflow, empowering field teams to efficiently gather and manage critical data.

Fulcrum GPS tracking – Tracing a water sump environmental area

Discover the power of GPS tracking for water environments using Fulcrum, demonstrated in a two-minute video by Jake, Fulcrum’s own VP of Product Marketing. This instructional video provides practical insights for field teams, showcasing the ease of capturing and mapping a water sump area using Fulcrum’s digital data collection app.

Fulcrum’s GPS tracking – Tracing a downed power line

Welcome to the future of accurate GPS tracking for power lines using Fulcrum FieldTech!  Join Jake from Fulcrum as he demonstrates the simplicity and power of our application in tracking downed power lines – a task critical for maintaining safety and restoring services.

Fulcrum GIS lines and polygons demo video

Explore Fulcrum’s capabilities with our concise five-minute GIS lines and polygons demo. This engaging tutorial goes beyond basic instruction, showcasing how to revolutionize your field data collection. It uses practical scenarios, like power pole inspections, to demonstrate the real-world application and effectiveness of Fulcrum’s GIS-first data collection platform.

How spreadsheets are killing your GIS data

Here are just a few of the ways collecting data with spreadsheets creates inaccurate data in your GIS tools. When inaccurate or incomplete data makes it into your GIS tools, it doesn’t just create headaches for you, it causes friction and slows things down across your organization. Why does it keep happening? Here are 5 problems with your current process that are creating dirty data, and how Fulcrum solves them.

Better field safety inspection programs start with Fulcrum

Upgrade your safety program by going digital with the Fulcrum field safety inspection platform. Want to boost your field team safety, improve processes with smart, location-aware data, and create a culture of safety that translates into increased reputation (and decreased insurance premiums)? This short video shows how a digital field safety inspection platform can transform your safety program and deliver benefits far beyond worker safety.

Digitally transform your field quality inspection program with Fulcrum

Make field quality inspections simple, accurate and fast. Spot quality problems early and eliminate costly rework for good.  

Fulcrum Field Inspection Management for Utilities

Your field teams are your eyes and ears on the ground. Their success–and yours–depends on effective field inspection programs for utilities.

Fulcrum field inspection management for construction

Your on-site inspection teams are your eyes and ears on the ground. Their success–and yours–depends on effective field inspection programs.

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