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Works Offline

Fulcrum can be used offline in fully disconnected environments to collect data. Data is stored on the device and is synced back to the cloud once you reach wi-fi or cellular coverage.

Use On Many Devices

Use hundreds of iOS or Android device models for collecting data. We support mixed environments and bring-your-own-device.

location capture icon

Automatic Location Capture

Everything you collect with Fulcrum is automatically tagged with a GPS location coordinate, allowing you to see all of your work on a map, as it's happening.

Sync To Cloud

When you sync your mobile device, your data is sent back to the cloud for storage and easy access by your team, wherever they are.

Collect Media, Spatially

  • Spatial media photo icon
    Spatial media photo image
    Snap and annotate geotagged photos
  • Spatial media video icon
    Spatial media video image
    Record SpatialVideo from your device, with synced GPS tracks
  • Spatial media audio icon
    Spatial media audio image
    Capture SpatialAudio notes in the field, with synced GPS tracks
Basemaps illustration


Use basemaps from online or offline sources, like Google Streets, Satellite imagery, OpenStreetMap, custom map servers, or your own offline map packages.

Collect Signatures & Scan Barcodes

  • Collect signature icon
    Collect signatures to include on reports from inspectors or customers.
    Collect signature image
  • Scan barcode icon
    Scan barcodes to search your asset databases or to log product entries in your form.
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