We've designed our platform to be extensible, allowing you to integrate your own database systems, set up custom notifications, and build tools using the Fulcrum API.

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Easy Publishing

Publish real-time feeds of data for your projects using Data Shares. Provide live-updating feeds in CSV, KML, or JSON format for external uses like sharing with customers.

Fulcrum API

Use our full-featured developer API to build your own custom tools, scripts, and programs for automating your workflow.

Integrations With Powerful Services

  • Integration with CARTO icon
    CARTO Send your data to CARTO's powerful web mapping and visualization platform
  • Integration with Zapier icon
    Zapier Connect Fulcrum with hundreds of other web services for automation
  • Integration with ArcGIS icon
    ArcGIS Online Synchronize data to your ArcGIS Online & share within your organization

Embeddable Maps

Create map embeds to insert on your website, blog, or internal dashboards for real-time visualizations of data from the field.

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Open Source Tools

Use our open source API libraries for easy development using your language of choice.

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