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Report on your collected data using our powerful visualization, QA, and data management tools.

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Export in Many Formats

Use our export tools to generate data in several industry-standard file types, including Excel, CSV, Google Earth, and Shapefile formats.

Everything on a Map

View your data on a web map interface to perform analysis and quality checks of data captured in the field. Make edits and modify assignments for staff members. Query the data using search and filter tools.

Monitor Productivity

Use the Activity Stream views to see how data collection is going in real time, with information on who is active and what they're collecting so you can visualize field productivity.

Generate PDF Reports

Generate reports from captured data in PDF format to send to customers and stakeholders.

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Version History

Everything you create or edit in Fulcrum from any device logs historical versions of records over time. Scroll back in time through your data to track changes as they happen.

Video Mapping

Playback SpatialVideo content in your browser to see where video clips were collected on a map interface.

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