Use Cases: Canvassing and Surveys
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Use Cases
Canvas your community with a customizable

Mobile Survey App

Oftentimes you need to get out in the community and speak with people to better understand an issue or gauge public sentiment. From political canvassing to homeless outreach, a mobile survey app like Fulcrum can help log your interactions so you can quickly tease out common threads and trends. Easily follow-up on leads or cases and reference previous engagements so you are well prepared.

  • Smartphone surveys are less conspicuous than clipboards or video camera
  • Import voter rolls or home addresses for dispatch to enumerators
  • Create unlimited mobile forms for all sorts of surveys
  • Collect accurate data in half the time
  • Structured surveys enable better data analysis
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Features to make solving your problems easier.

Unlimited apps for any use case

Create as many survey forms as needed and maximize your team’s productivity in the field

Grant access to the whole workforce

Create apps for monitoring or observation needs and turn your whole team into surveyors

Review reports from the field

Use Fulcrum’s cloud-based data review tool for quality control, analysis, and reporting

Connect Fulcrum data into visualization applications

View collected data in real-time inside of PowerBI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, and more

Some of our most popular Canvassing and Survey Apps

Historic Building Survey App Image

Historic Building Survey

Most communities have historic preservation programs, with a goal of protecting historically-significant buildings and homes in their cities. This app template gives municipal building departments and historic preservation societies a data collection tool to track the locations of structures, reasons for significance, year built, and more, for internal reporting purposes and to generate maps for the citizenry.
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Census Survey Image

Census Survey

Census surveys involve canvassers and enumerators consistently moving street by street to collect data on demographics, household information, numbers of residents of each household, and more. We’ve adapted the American Community Survey as a starter app to allow your census survey team to quickly collect census data to aggregate into reports by area.
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Store Audit App Image

Retail Store Audit

Retail locations regularly perform audits of sites to make sure they’re in compliance with guidelines, and also that stores are up to standards in cleanliness, organization, and following of staff procedures. The Retail Store Audit is a ready-made app template for assessing product positioning on shelves, store layouts, promotions, and displays, with photo documentation for audit reports.
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Customer Satisfaction App Image

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys are an essential tool for improving customer service. Use this consumer survey to improve your products and services, inform marketing efforts, or to research competitors or a particular demographic to assess market needs.
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Mobile Device Image

Mobile data collection for Android and iOS

Fulcrum is a cloud-based mobile data collection platform that enables users to gather field data with their Android or iOS devices and share it with the office in real time. With our intuitive desktop drag-and-drop app builder, Fulcrum users can create custom mobile forms (no coding necessary!) and deploy them to field teams instantly. No more cumbersome, error-prone paper forms; just fast, accurate, geotagged data. Used as a standalone location-based data collection platform or integrated with existing services such as GIS and asset management systems, our platform puts data into actionable, meaningful context.

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Dispatches from the Field

See what our customers are doing to keep their asset inventories current and accurate with Fulcrum.

House of Hope

Doing advocacy and case management work with people experiencing homelessness in Rhode Island.

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Advocating for People Experiencing Homelessness

House of Hope Community Development Corporation uses Fulcrum for their homeless outreach program. The ability to enter geo-tagged data in the field enables case workers to locate and serve their clients, connect them with available resources, and advocate for future city planning improvements.

Nestbuilders International

Providing expert advice and services to governments, development partners, and private sector organizations across Sierra Leone.

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Do More With Your Data

When NestBuilders needed to map out water resources in Sierra Leone, they turned to Fulcrum to build integrated forms that worked in the disconnected environment of Africa. Using a team of data collectors, NestBuilders gathered customer data and mapped out the water network of Freetown in less time and with a lower cost than using and processing stacks of paper forms.

Village Earth

Mapping and collecting census data on American Indian reservations in South and North Dakota.

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Empowering Tribes to Collect Their Own Census Data

Historically, surveyors have had difficulty collecting accurate Census data on rural Native American reservations. Village Earth, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, used Fulcrum to conduct a household mapping and needs assessment for a project to challenge existing Federal Census data on five reservations.

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