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Mitigate environmental hazards and ensure regulatory compliance.

Track environmental issues in real-time

Monitor environmental issues easily, quickly, and accurately with geotagged photos, audio, and video.

Complete inspections with no signal

Collect environmental data and photos even without cell or WiFi coverage, and sync when you're back online.

Automate remediation workflows

Automatically alert team members when they need to take remediation steps or investigate anomalies.

Adapt to changing requirements

Modify and instantly redeploy field inspection processes, checklists, and workflows as regulations or organizational needs change.

Digitize inspection processes

Easily convert environmental surveys and inspections that include checklists, interactivity, and workflows.

Data-driven decision making

Visualize trends and hotspots with the Fulcrum dashboard to determine next steps based on timely, accurate information.

Unique location-based insights

Automatically capture location data to quickly locate, identify, and remediate threats to the environment. Share data with Esri ArcGIS™ for even richer location intelligence.

The Successful Manager's Guide to Modernizing Mobile Inspections

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Traditionally, if a field engineer is allotted 8 hours to do a survey, they get 16 hours to write the report. Now report writing is almost taken from two-thirds to zero.
Kristin Carrington
Carrington Risk
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One of the big things you can’t really measure is buy-in from employees in the field. People that didn’t want to go away from pen and paper and the old way of doing things now come to us and have ideas for apps.
Sophie Frohmader
Wonderful Orchards
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Easy to custom make data collection forms specific to my needs. Very flexible and I can add or adjust data collection information when I need it. The inclusion of metadata saves a lot of time.
Paul Bunker
Principal, Chiron K9
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I have used many programs for field asset inspection. Fulcrum has been the easiest to set up, use in the field, and update. The service provided by the Fulcrum team has been top-rate.
Daniel Stepner
Senior Consultant, Arcadis
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It is so easy to use. You don't have to be a GIS specialist or coder to set up the app. Just a regular person is able to set up their own app and use it.
Sarah Hall
Civil Engineer, AECOM
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Fulcrum is, without a doubt, the best thing I've done for my business in regards to cost saving and time efficiency. Support is very good and help, on the rare occasions it's required, is never far away.
Steve Cupitt
Director, Crossroads Rural & Environmental
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