Use Cases: Inspections with Fulcrum
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Use Cases
Maintain Your Assets With a Customizable

Mobile Inspection App

Whether it’s physical assets, equipment, job sites, facilities, or residential properties, inspections are performed routinely in nearly every industry. For purposes of upkeep, damage repair, and compliance, organizations are becoming more proactive with better record-keeping. Moving to a digital data and workflow platform like Fulcrum for your inspection work gives you higher-quality reporting, richer documentation on specific problems or issues, as well as real-time access to what’s happening with your inspection teams in the field as work is being performed.

  • Design data collection apps that fit to your specific inspection data requirements
  • Collect accurate data the first time, greatly reducing errors and re-work
  • Get real-time insights into what assets or facilities need critical attention
  • Stay compliant by keeping up to date on recurring inspection requirements
  • Before and after inspections give you detail on progress, with documented proof
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Features to make solving your problems easier.

Support for complex inspection reports

Create data collection forms with as many custom fields as needed, with skip logic and data validation rules.

Generate printable PDF reports

Use our reporting platform to deliver final results to clients or regulatory agencies.

Capture signatures on site

Our mobile app supports sign-offs and approvals using digital signatures.

Take photos for documenting problems

Add as many photos as needed to each inspection, with annotations or sketched notes.

Some of our most popular Inspection Apps

Fire Protection Inspection App Image

Fire Protection Inspection

Fire prevention and protection equipment is subject to NFPA codes for quality, operation, and risk management. Regular, documented inspection reporting keeps property owners out of trouble and their properties safe in the event of a fire. This fire protection inspection app allows you to perform recurring NFPA inspections on fire alarms, fire extinguishers, suppression systems, emergency lighting, and other fire protection systems.
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Construction Site Inspection Form App Image

Construction Site Inspection Form

Construction sites are subject to strict regulations in order to keep workers (and the public) out of harm’s way. Use this construction site inspection form to report hazards and safety issues from unsafe working conditions to misuse of equipment, including photos and video, and stay in compliance and ensure construction workers’ health and safety on the job site.
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Bridge Inspection Checklist Image

Bridge Inspection Checklist

Structural inspections on bridge conditions need to be performed continuously to maintain safe operations. The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) uphold standards and practices that need to be adhered to for upkeep and maintenance. This app supports a general bridge inspection, with photos and recurring schedules for inspection.
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Culvert Inspection App Image

Culvert Inspection Checklist

Stormwater management infrastructure is costly to install, maintain, and repair. Keeping up with the inspection lifecycle is essential to maximizing investments in capital infrastructure. Municipalities want to stay in front of potential issues, and manage repairs before they become critical, and avoid flooding and washout problems. This culvert inspection app gives inspectors a way to rapidly conduct detailed culvert inspections with photographic proof of work.
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Mobile Device Image

Mobile data collection for Android and iOS

Fulcrum is a cloud-based mobile data collection platform that enables users to gather field data with their Android or iOS devices and share it with the office in real time. With our intuitive desktop drag-and-drop app builder, Fulcrum users can create custom mobile forms (no coding necessary!) and deploy them to field teams instantly. No more cumbersome, error-prone paper forms; just fast, accurate, geotagged data. Used as a standalone location-based data collection platform or integrated with existing services such as GIS and asset management systems, our platform puts data into actionable, meaningful context.

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Dispatches from the Field

See what our customers are doing to keep their asset inventories current and accurate with Fulcrum.

Carrington Risk

Helping large commercial companies mitigate risk and protect their assets.

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Minimizing Time Spent Writing Reports

With Fulcrum, Carrington Risk cut the time spent writing reports by 66%, enabling them to much more efficiently helps companies manage all types of risk across their properties — from fire to flood to earthquakes — to mitigate losses and negotiate the lowest possible insurance premiums.


Conducting pole audits, feasibility studies, and fiber optic route maintenance around Philadelphia, PA.

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Save Time & Money With A Streamlined Workflow

Celerity needed a scalable and customizable solution that would enable them to store all of their data collected in the field in one place, where it can be instantaneously accessed from the office. As a bonus, they estimate field techs are saving 20 minutes in the office for every hour spent in the field since adopting Fulcrum.


Conducting telecom, cellular, and pre-fiber inspections all over the United States.

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Maintain a Competitive Advantage

Tilson Tech first leveraged the Fulcrum mobile data collection app for a project to survey 10,000 utility poles and provide an MRE solution in order to apply for an attachment license for fiber cable. Using Fulcrum's API documentation, Tilson has since developed a proprietary backend that seamlessly integrates with Fulcrum, giving them a distinct competitive advantage on the technology front.

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