Use Cases: Monitoring & Observation with Fulcrum
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Use Cases
Gather Insights From the Field With a Customizable

Monitoring & Observation App

An estimated 5 billion people globally have mobile devices, and nearly half of them are connected smartphones. With the right tools and training, this network of connected sensors can be leveraged to monitor their surroundings and log their observations. Fulcrum helps you to coordinate this network for turning raw field data into actionable intelligence. From tracking pricing and retail patterns to observing sea turtle nesting sites, accurate data provides the foundation for sound decision making.

  • Get instant reporting from the field, anytime and anywhere
  • Create unlimited mobile forms for all sorts of observations
  • Monitor projects on a schedule, giving monitoring visibility to the back office
  • Integrate business intelligence tools for reporting and data visualization
  • Geotagged photos and video add valuable context to your data
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Features to make solving your problems easier.

Unlimited apps for any use case

Create as many purpose-built apps as needed and maximize your team’s eyes and hands in the field.

Grant access to the whole workforce

Create apps for monitoring or observation needs and open them up for the whole team, making your whole workforce a sensor network for field intelligence.

Review reports from the field

Use Fulcrum’s cloud-based data review tool for quality control, analysis, and reporting.

Connect Fulcrum data into business intelligence applications

View collected data in real-time inside of PowerBI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, and more.

Some of our most popular Monitoring & Observation Apps

Irrigation Control Monitoring App Image

Irrigation Control Monitoring

Irrigation control equipment needs constant attention to make sure operation conditions are up to standards. If pumps are down, sprayers inoperable, or ditches and canals have been damaged, crops could be in danger of health issues or failure. Our Irrigation Monitoring app lets you perform recurring monitoring visits on irrigation equipment while out in the field.
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Health Inspection Checklist Image

Health Inspection Checklist

Our simple checklist for logging observed health code violations helps stay on top of and correct issues promptly. From food storage practices and preparation to employee hygiene and proper waste disposal, with a customizable health inspection checklist you can have a quick-access tool for inspectors to use for monitoring food service facilities.
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Right-of-Way Encroachment App Image

Right-of-Way Encroachment

Rights-of-way are subject to rules and regulations about how the property can be used. Whether it’s a right-of-way on a roadside, along a pipeline, or underneath high voltage lines, giving your linemen, technicians, and road crews access to an app for logging right-of-way infringements gives you actionable information you can use to correct the issue.
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Invasive Species Monitoring App Image

Invasive Species Monitoring

In agriculture or environmental conservation work, invasive species of plants and animals can be a nuisance that needs constant attention to control, remove, or eradicate. This monitoring app gives rangers or farm workers a method for reporting observations of invasive species when spotted in the field. Data can be aggregated and spatial patterns detected to help plan control strategies.
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Mobile Device Image

Mobile data collection for Android and iOS

Fulcrum is a cloud-based mobile data collection platform that enables users to gather field data with their Android or iOS devices and share it with the office in real time. With our intuitive desktop drag-and-drop app builder, Fulcrum users can create custom mobile forms (no coding necessary!) and deploy them to field teams instantly. No more cumbersome, error-prone paper forms; just fast, accurate, geotagged data. Used as a standalone location-based data collection platform or integrated with existing services such as GIS and asset management systems, our platform puts data into actionable, meaningful context.

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Dispatches from the Field

See what our customers are doing to keep their asset inventories current and accurate with Fulcrum.

Desert Channels Queensland

Helping landowners manage the natural resources of an area larger than California and South Carolina combined.

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Collaboratively Gather and Share Data

Create surveys to deploy to groups to collaboratively collect and share data. Your field staff can use Fulcrum's mobile apps in remote areas, offline to gather information on environmental observations. Desert Channels Queensland is now collecting a vastly larger amount of data, the data processing time is dramatically reduced due automation enabled by Fulcrum, from simple web maps to more complex visualizations. Read more about what DCQ is doing to work together on monitoring environmental and wildlife issues all across rural Queensland.

International Dark Sky Association

Sharing knowledge on how to preserve dark skies and reduce light pollution on local, national, and international levels.

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Speed Up Reporting & Decision Making

Get answers to questions more rapidly using Fulcrum's fast collection and syncing capability. After data is captured in the field, push data to the cloud over the air for near real-time visualization and reporting. The International Dark Sky Association's data collection process used to consist of manual pen-and-paper recording to be organized in Excel, leaving data open to inconsistency and reporting issues. With no steep learning curve, the IDA crew collected field data and geo-tagging records within minutes using Fulcrum.

Wonderful Orchards

Maintaining 85,000 acres of almonds, pistachios, and pomegranates in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

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Instant data sharing

Get answers to questions more quickly using Fulcrum’s collection and syncing capability. With our powerful platform, Wonderful Orchards shares important, time-sensitive information between their ranches and office faster than ever before, eliminating cumbersome paperwork processes and wasted resources. Find out how the California growers uses Fulcrum for food safety compliance, daily harvest reports, beehive inspections and more.

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