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Build safety into the fabric of your operations.

Create a culture of safety

Empower your workforce with out-of-the-box issue and task management, and enable everyone to report issues just by scanning a QR code.

Inspect while offline

Perform inspections and document issues with photos and video even when cell or WiFi coverage is unavailable.

Automate workflows

Automatically alert team members when action is required to remediate conditions or review safety data.

Remain flexible

Modify and instantly redeploy field inspection processes, checklists, and workflows as regulations or organizational needs change.



Get started quickly by deploying these field inspection process templates – as-is or customized – to your workforce.
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Track issues and tasks

Ensure inspections occur on a scheduled basis or as a result of ad hoc issue tracking using Fulcrum's out-of-the-box issue and task management framework.

Monitor in real time

Use built-in operational dashboards to track safety inspection progress across teams and projects in real time.

Unique location-based insights

Tap into location data and leverage it to understand safety and inspection issues. Share data with Esri ArcGIS™ for even richer location intelligence.

Data-driven safety, quality and maintenance inspection management

Industry research firm Paradoxes' research report is packed with data that will help you understand inspection-related challenges across multiple industries.
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Fulcrum helps us improve our processes and make our work environment safer by streamlining inspections, surfacing inspection-related insights, and managing follow-up actions. Once you close the loop from action to insight to further action, the possibilities are limitless.
James Watts
Snavely Forest Products
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Fulcrum lets employees on the floor who actually are building the product take ownership. Everyone’s got a smartphone. So now they see an issue and report it so it can be fixed, instead of just ignoring it because that’s the way it’s always been done.
Aaron Vanover
Halton Company
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Reports are fresh and provide more detailed information. I don't miss any reports like I did in the past and I don't have to chase people down later.
Chris Bacchi
Trimat Testing
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One of the big things you can’t really measure is buy-in from employees in the field. People that didn’t want to go away from pen and paper and the old way of doing things now come to us and have ideas for apps.
Sophie Frohmader
Wonderful Orchards
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Fulcrum is, without a doubt, the best thing I've done for my business in regards to cost saving and time efficiency. Support is very good and help, on the rare occasions it's required, is never far away.
Steve Cupitt
Director, Crossroads Rural & Environmental
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