Asset Management

Higher data quality means more trust in your inventory, fewer inspection visits, and less time in the field.
Optimize the management of your assets with Fulcrum.

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A Better Way to Manage Assets

Asset management can be a tedious task. Tracking down lost equipment, checkout forms that never get filled out, and rampant interdepartmental borrowing can make it difficult to keep tabs on your company’s property. With Fulcrum, you can easily manage your assets anywhere, anytime with just one click, scan, or picture.

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Save Time and Money on Asset Management

Quickly and easily receive detailed information about your assets and infrastructure with Fulcrum, so you can create condition-based replacement and repair processes rather than costly and ineffective age-based models.

  • Get instant access to your asset data with real-time reporting
  • Manage inspections and integrate work orders
  • Maximize the life of useful equipment
  • Turn your entire team into data collectors
  • Easily pull your asset data into GIS for mapping, analysis, and reporting

Track and inspect your company’s assets faster and more efficiently with Fulcrum.

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