Field Service & Maintenance

Keeping track of work done in the field doesn’t have to be a headache.
Fulcrum makes it easy to keep tabs on projects and personnel — without paperwork.

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A Better Way to Manage Field Teams

Managing a geographically dispersed field team can be a challenge. Tasking assignments, generating status reports, and managing work orders is a pain even before you tackle the paperwork. Dispatch assignments, create work orders, generate reports, and see what your team is doing — wherever they are — with Fulcrum.

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Optimize Field Work, and Save Time and Money

Whether you’re doing equipment maintenance, installing or repairing public infrastructure, or servicing vending machines, Fulcrum eliminates man hours and costly paperwork.

  • Supervise service techs in varying locations
  • Improve service routes and reduce overhead with geospatial data
  • Analyze historical data trends
  • Work with or without wifi or cellular service
  • Easily attach photos and videos for increased accuracy
  • Generate PDF reports with one click

Manage your field teams swiftly and confidently when you switch to Fulcrum.

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