Managing inventory can be a headache with paperwork, spreadsheets, and clipboards.
Fulcrum makes inventory management easy by keeping everything together in one app.

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A Better Way to Do Inventory

Why settle for the old way of managing inventory? With Fulcrum, you’ll know instantly what you have in stock, where it is, and when to reorder, and can generate full inventory reports with just one click. Avoid the hassle of paperwork and get your team on the same page with Fulcrum.

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A Fast and Customizable Inventory Solution

Build custom inventory tracking forms in just minutes with Fulcrum — no coding knowledge required — and deploy to your team for distributed inventory collection. The Fulcrum app works even without wifi or cellular service, so you can access your inventory from any device, anywhere.

  • See your team’s progress in real time with instant updates from the field
  • Safely and securely store your data in the cloud
  • Time-stamp and geo-tag your data to ensure timeliness
  • Quickly and easily produce reports (in PDF, XLS, or Shapefile formats)
  • Pass your data from Fulcrum into other software instantly with our API and webhooks

Leave time-consuming, error-prone paper forms behind. Start managing your inventory with Fulcrum.

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