Mobile Forms

Build Android and iOS mobile forms in just minutes — no programming knowledge needed.
Fulcrum lets you collect data anywhere and immediately put it to work for your organization.

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A Better Alternative to Paper Forms

Stop using costly, time-consuming paper forms and switch to Fulcrum for fast, accurate data collection anywhere, anytime. Speed up your business processes and workflows with mobile forms while reducing human error. The Fulcrum app works even without wifi or cellular service, storing your data safely in the cloud for instant access.

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Fast, Customizable Mobile Forms

Build custom mobile forms in just minutes with our user-friendly Fulcrum dashboard. Our powerful forms logic even lets you take measurements and perform calculations instantly with data you just collected in the field.

  • Easily add photos and video to your forms
  • Time-stamp and geo-tag your photos and records
  • Get instant access to data collected by your team
  • Create and send professional reports from the field (export formats: PDF, XLS, Shapefile)
  • Pass your data from Fulcrum into other software instantly with our API and webhooks

Ditch the clipboard and start using Fulcrum, the industry-leading solution to paperwork.

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