Maybe your digital inspection program has improved your productivity and compliance. Thousands of Fulcrum customers have experienced that, too.

But there's a lot more to consider if you really want to drive institutional change. Consider:

  • Can you track issues from identification through remediation to resolution?
  • Are you able to improve your inspection processes based on prior performance?
  • What other people could benefit from your safety or quality data, but don't have timely availability?

This webinar will discuss closed-loop inspection processes, which connect inspections and workflows to insights in order to drive safer, higher-quality outcomes organization-wide.

Join Fulcrum's VP of Product Marketing, Jake Freivald, and Product Manager Katie Briggs for this free webinar, where they will discuss:

  • What closed-loop field inspection management means and how it can help your organization
  • Capabilities needed to effect closed-loop field inspection management
  • A discussion of Fulcrum's vision for supporting closed-loop field inspection management, including brand-new and recent capabilities that include pre-built issue and task management workflows, location mapping for issue management, and more.

This webinar is ideal for safety and quality executives, managers, and team leaders who want to level up their inspection programs and to get a brief explanation of how Fulcrum can help.


Katie Briggs
Product Manager, Fulcrum

Katie has spent 14-years working in the construction and construction tech industries with a focus on improving construction operations. She has over a decade of experience helping to digitize and improve collaboration and was a project manager for an ENR top contractor before transitioning to the construction technology industry. Katie has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and lives with her family in San Diego, CA.

Jake Freivald
VP of Product Marketing

Jake Freivald’s 25-year career in software has covered multiple technology specializations with a focus on data management and analytics. He places particular emphasis on helping businesspeople understand the practical requirements of modernization. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University.

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