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Getting higher-quality data from the field

September 26, 2023 | 2:00 PM EST

This webinar will focus on several issues related to the standardization and improvement of field data collection — and, as a bonus, will discuss how fixing these issues naturally helps solve some workforce issues you’re probably facing. Organizations that want the downstream benefits of high-quality data — including better analytics and AI — need a dynamic process to capture images, video, tabular information, and geospatial data. But it’s devilishly hard to get consistent, complete data from the disparate field workers who collect it, and standardizing on a single data collection method isn’t as easy as it sounds.

We’ll discuss:

• Identifying causes of point-of-capture quality issues — and their downstream problems

• Structuring standardized field data collection across all types of asset management programs

• Automating routine workflows to improve field-level productivity and streamline operations

• How standardizing data collection can help resolve quality-of-life related labor issues with field workers, including talent acquisition, training, and retention

Join us!