Mastec uses a technology that streamlines field-based data collection and inspection processes: Fulcrum. This internal-only webinar was created to share context and discuss the potential uses of this technology to digitize processes that had previously been cumbersome, as well as to provide lessons learned about adoption.

This webinar will be a conversational, "fireside chat" style discussion with Mastec employees Santiago Exposito and Kenard Clayton, who have used Fulcrum in a wide variety of situations. YOUR QUESTIONS ARE ENCOURAGED! Some specific topics we'll cover include:

  • Work order fulfillment and other tasks that use Fulcrum
  • How Fulcrum became their "field bible"
  • How digitization affects reporting and metrics
  • Field inspection and data collection projects that are appropriate for Fulcrum


Santiago Exposito
Project Manager

Kenard Clayton
PMO - Projects and Operations

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