Your company, or a company in your portfolio, already digitizes inspections using the Fulcrum Field Inspection Management platform. 

Even when your team does most of its work outside an office – in remote areas, without readily-available landmarks, out of the reach of mobile networks – you’ve got to keep track of your people and ensure their tasks get done well and quickly. The question is, how?

Join Jake Freivald, VP of Fulcrum, for this free webinar to discover how field inspection management software can help you keep up with your people and assets in the field. You'll learn how: 

  • Ditching paper-based field inspections is key to getting higher productivity and real-time insights from your people and assets in the field.
  • Preloaded location data not only ensures your staff are in the right place, but also that your assets are where they should be – even without an available mobile network.
  • Inspection data complete with natively collected geolocation details provide incredible insight into operations on the ground that are readily available in real-time.

We'll end with a live demo of Fulcrum to show you how we can help.


Jake Freivald
VP, Product Marketing

Jake Freivald’s twenty-five-year career in software has covered multiple technology specializations with a focus on data management and analytics. He places particular emphasis on helping business people understand the practical requirements of modernization. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and lives with his family on Long Island, NY.

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