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Notes from the Field: Best Practices Designing Field Data Processes

September 21, 2023 | 1:00 PM EST

Working in the field is demanding, expensive, an chock full of unknowns you encounter along the way. That means getting to a highly optimized and efficient workflow is the result of stages of iteration, trial and error, and directed testing to balance trade-offs toward getting the data you need.

In this session we’ll look at addressing a field project’s “jobs to be done” through the lenses of planning and prototyping (before), collection (during), and reporting (after), with the top 5 best practices for each phase.

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Coleman McCormick

VP, Product Development
Coleman McCormick has been building software products for 15 years, at the intersection of GIS, workforce optimization, and field inspection management. Coleman heads up Fulcrum's product design team, advancing our technology and working with customers to build best-in-class tools for managing their field workflows and processes. Before Fulcrum, Coleman spent years working in the civil engineering and consulting space where he applied GIS technology in utilities and construction projects.