Managing inventory can be a real hassle with paperwork, forms, and clipboards. Fulcrum makes inventory management easy by keeping everything together in one app.

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Why settle for the old way of managing inventory? With Fulcrum, companies know instantly what they have in stock, where it is, and when to reorder. And generating full inventory reports is just as easy as one click. Avoid the hassle of spreadsheets, paperwork, and forms, and get your team on the same page with Fulcrum.

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  • Build custom inventory tracking forms - in just minutes without any coding knowledge
  • Secure Storage - Safely & securely store your collected data in the cloud
  • Rapid Access - Access your inventory instantly from any smartphone anywhere, anytime
  • Team based data collection - Distribute your form to your team for distributed inventory collection
  • Instant updates from the field - See your teams progress in real time, and check your current inventory at any time
  • Time stamping / Geo tagging - insures your inventory gets collected in a timely manner, and in the right place
  • Fast Field Reporting - Reports allow you to produce and email pdf reports quickly and easily to upper management or inventory control
  • Properly formatted data immediately available for export in multiple formats (PDF, XLS, Shapefile)
  • No lost paperwork