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Fulcrum Services

With packages ranging from onboarding and training to custom reports to ongoing support and goal tracking, our experts will help you succeed faster and maximize the return on your investment in the Fulcrum platform.

Managed Services

Optimize your ROI with ongoing operational support from our team of Fulcrum specialists.

Customer success

Designed for companies with 20 Fulcrum users or more, the Customer Success package was created to speed up adoption and increase proficiency at all levels of your organization. The faster you deploy your teams and apps, the sooner you reap the benefits of our software.


Whether you’re a new Fulcrum customer or are a growing company, we’ll help you get users up and running, share best practices and act as consultants to ensure you’re getting the most from our platform.

Goal tracking

If you’re successful, we’re successful. We’ll engage with your team monthly to go over goals and metrics and make sure we’re doing all we can to help you accelerate your company’s growth.

Exclusive webinars

Once a month, we’ll host a webinar solely for subscribers where the Fulcrum team and other users can share tips, tricks, case studies and more.

Enterprise services

Developed for accounts of up to 200 users and to complement the Customer Success package, the Enterprise Services package offers ongoing Fulcrum plan administration, so you can spend more time focusing on your business goals and less time managing your software.

Dedicated success manager

You’ll be assigned one Fulcrum consultant who will act as a member of your team, checking in frequently to ensure our platform keeps up with your company’s changing needs.

Administration of users and permissions

Your dedicated consultant will manage your Fulcrum users and permissioning for the length of your subscription.

SSO setup

Configuring single sign-on is a lot of work for your IT specialist. We’ll do it for you!

Monthly apps and reports

Every month, we’ll create one new app and a white-label report that can be generated from that app that you can use as frequently and for as long as you need.

Professional Services

Our experts are standing by to help you get the most out of Fulcrum, whether you need assistance getting started or taking your applications, workflows, or reporting to the next level.

Complex form building

We help you build complex custom forms that collect, store, and present your data exactly the way you want it.‍
  • Learn how to leverage conditional logic to show fields based on values entered in other fields
  • Use data events to automate actions such as custom alerts when certain events are triggered
  • Calculate values dynamically based on data input

Custom reports

Our Fulcrum pros will help you create advanced, highly customized reports for your clients and internal stakeholders that you can quickly duplicate for future use.

Setup & deployment

Get up and running in no time with our onboarding packages.‍
  • Let us handle user provisioning and account configuration, including custom role development and app permissions
  • Set up the best workflow for your project requirements with up to 3 hours of dedicated support time with our engineers
  • Receive custom report branding for up to two apps
  • Ensure API functionality with professional review and support

Integrations services

Optimize your workflows to leverage the full value Fulcrum.
  • Build the most effective apps with the help of our specialists
  • Enhance your scripting and automation
  • Set up a synchronized database of your Fulcrum projects on your own server
  • Import existing data into Fulcrum with proper geocoding and formatting
  • Leverage your data to the fullest potential with business intelligence and data analysis/visualization tools


Increase your proficiency and empower your teams to work smarter.‍
  • Mobile app training for field employees
  • Management Training for administrators
  • Data Management techniques
  • Dedicated webinars for up to 25 people (standard package)

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Realize your goals sooner through improved workflows, operational suggestions, and integrations that make you and your company more productive.

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