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Smart tech for the toughest fieldwork

Fulcrum’s industrial-strength field data collection and process management platform is built for field warriors.

Adapt on the fly. Turbocharge productivity and compliance. Integrate advanced geospatial data. Bridge the gap between your FieldTech ecosystem and the office.

Fulcrum for wherever your work takes you.

Fulcrum field data collection and process management platform

Trusted by more than 2,500 companies and 30,000 users in 100+ countries

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Explore the Fulcrum platform

Discover how Fulcrum empowers users to increase field team productivity, improve data quality and reliability, incorporate geospatial insights with advanced geometries, and enable digital transformation.

Fulcrum mobile app for streamline two-way integration of field data collection

Standardize field data collection

Digitally transform your processes with a single platform that:

  • Accommodates any field data collection and process management use case
  • Replaces proprietary mobile applications
  • Expands advanced geospatial applications beyond GIS experts
  • Reliably delivers real-time, location-specific data even when offline

Customize field processes

Easily adapt to changing field operations requirements with:

  • Simple drag-and-drop field app modification, with no tech expertise required
  • Seamless integration of FieldTech hardware such as drones and sensors
  • Tailored reporting and alerting to and from the field

Streamline two-way integration

Expand the reach and usefulness of your field data with:

  • Best-in-class integration with Esri ArcGIS
  • Real-time, two-way communication with any application
  • Built-in integration with email, SMS, and more
  • Advanced security and identity management protocols

Fulcrum helps you achieve your field team's goals

Business benefits

Fulcrum gives you the tools you need to:

  • Spur data-driven innovation
  • Save time – and money – with improved productivity
  • Improve analytics with better field data and seamless integration

Staffing successes

Fulcrum empowers your field teams to:

  • Improve efficiency by combining trips and tasks
  • Boost staff retention by cutting clerical tasks and reducing overtime
  • Ensure accountability with mandatory fields, timestamped photos, and automatic location capture

Just-right insights

Fulcrum delivers the clarity you need by enabling you to:

  • Perform quick and accurate reporting and analysis of field data
  • Inform decisions with big picture views and minute data drill downs
  • Access field data – including data from drones, sensors, and GIS – all in one place

Data quality confidence

Get the answers you need with a platform that lets you:

  • Collect field data accurately and consistently from person to person, and site to site
  • Gather comprehensive inspection results the first time – no do-overs necessary

Technical triumphs

Empower your tech team with features that let you:

  • Consolidate multiple mobile applications into a single platform
  • Easily modify field processes without the need for IT intervention
  • Incorporate FieldTech hardware into field data collection processes
  • Simplify onboarding and security with SCIM and SOC 2 compliance
Chuck Musciano - flexible configurability

Chuck Musciano

We needed a level of flexible configurability combined with cloud-based scalability. Fulcrum allows us to perform a greater volume of pole inspections while reporting on our progress in real-time for greater efficiency and shorter project cycles.
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Brian Stroud - We use Fulcrum for just about any type of field operation

Brian Stroud

VP and GIS Developer
GeoForce Utility Technologies
We use Fulcrum for training, pole inspections, line patrol, just about any type of field operation. We incorporate it into as many places as we can to see what information we can collect from our crews.
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Colin Diehl - We can send new forms to our Fulcrum rep

Colin Diehl

CEO and Co-Founder
We can send new forms to our Fulcrum rep, and within 24 hours a new app is built and ready for use.
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Gavin Kelley - Fulcrum really stands out for having a modern interface

Gavin Kelley

Senior Software Developer
Tilson Tech
We need ease of integration. Fulcrum really stands out for having a modern, easy-to-use interface to get data in and out.
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Juston Iborg - A crew of two people can do it all at once using Fulcrum

Juston Iborg

Director of Business Development
Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc.
Rather than sending 100 people a year to do different inspections and tasks at the same site, a crew of two people can do it all at once using Fulcrum.
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