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  • Alpine Testimonial Icon“Fantastic product. The philosophy that the data you collect is yours and you should be able to access it as easily as possible is an indication of the maturity of the product and the people behind the product." Barrett Higman, Alpine Shire Council
  • Trekk Testimonial Icon“It is quite robust for staging data collection efforts and requires the least amount of training for end users in the field of all solutions." Jared Carey, TREKK Design Group, LLC
  • Ram Testimonial Icon“It has allowed us to grow our operations without the headaches of managing a custom data collection application." Jake Krohn, RAM Utilities
  • NSW EPA Testimonial Icon“The fact that you keep improving the product like this makes it way easier to promote it to other members of my organization." Simone Grounds, NSW Environmental Protection Authority
  • Aspect Testimonial Icon“It has simplified workflows and decreased the amount of time that projects used to take." Robyn Pepin, Aspect Consulting
  • Sourcery Testimonial Icon“It's an incredible platform and the main tool used to build our shopping and delivery IOS application." Alexander David, Sourcery Technologies
Faster Decision Making

Faster Decision Making

Real-time access to your data allows you to see what field teams are doing without waiting for the end of a workday. Faster access to your data means faster decision making.

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More Accurate Data

More Accurate Data

Replace error-prone paper processes with Fulcrum forms, which have visibility, requirement, and validation logic built in, resulting in more consistent, accurate data.

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Automated Workflow

Automated Workflows

Using native Fulcrum features, you can create custom, automated workflows that help you manage stages of projects and keep team members updated on progress along the way.

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Fulcrum Powers All Phases of Your Mobile Data Lifecycle

  • Multiple PlatformsMultiple Platforms
  • Monitor ProductivityMonitor Productivity
  • Offline Data CollectionOffline Data Collection
  • Data EventsData Events
  • Team RolesTeam Roles
  • Custom Form BuilderCustom Form Builder
  • Real-Time TrackingReal-Time Tracking
  • Export OptionsExport Options
  • API IntegrationAPI Integration
  • Rich Media CollectionRich Media Collection
  • Import ToolsImport Tools
  • Secure StorageSecure Storage

The Limitless Potential Of Fulcrum

From construction sites in NYC to landmine fields in Cambodia, Fulcrum users find new & innovative ways of using our powerful app to solve problems in the real world. Whether its an everyday problem such as tracking inventory or a specific industrial use case like mapping out the locations of utilities, Fulcrum can help you become more efficient, productive, & profitable in the field.

See how each industry utilizes Fulcrum to streamline their workflow and increase efficiency across the board.

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