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The Fulcrum Focus

Stay in the know with thought leadership, product updates, and latest news on field inspection and data collection topics.

Five reasons why environmental engineers need field inspection management software

As an environmental engineer, you count on field inspections to make sure your teams are safe and that you’re following the moving target of environmental regulations. Picking the right field inspection management software can make the difference between compliance and lots of face time with EPA regulators or OSHA investigators.  Read on to see how […]

New rules, higher fines: How to be OSHA-compliant in 2023

As companies get fully back to work following several tumultuous years, OSHA is reasserting its presence and re-emphasizing the importance of workplace safety.  Effective January 5, 2023, OSHA raised the penalty rate to $15,625 per violation (up from $14.502). Eleven days later, OSHA provided new guidance for inspectors doing Instance-by-Instance (IBI) and “grouping” citations, two […]

Why OSHA inspection software is much bigger than compliance

Safety inspections can sometimes make you feel like outsiders are trying to find fault with your work. OSHA, of course, requires you to conduct safety inspections, but so do insurance providers, investors, unions, contractors, and state and local agencies.  Many see this as a burden, but inspections have their purpose and can yield benefits – […]

Optimize your mobile data collection processes

“Mobile  data collection” is the most common business activity in the world. You may not recognize the term or even call it something else, but you’ve probably already collected field data at your job today. Whether you’re going through a checklist, taking product inventory, or doing an inspection, you’re collecting information to help you decide […]

Using health and safety inspection software to keep field teams safe

Health and safety risks are ongoing concerns for any organization with field operations, particularly when teams are isolated from the home office or deployed to unfamiliar environments. When field teams don’t have the right knowledge or tools to identify and mitigate potential hazards, safety risks increase, especially if they are isolated or lack resources in […]

Best practices for creating mobile apps for data collection

How you design your mobile apps for data collection has far-reaching consequences for not just how data is collected, processed, and analyzed, but also the quality of the data. The following best practices will help you plan and create mobile data collection apps that will produce the best possible data to answer your most pressing […]

The new Fulcrum website is reporting for inspection

If you’ve visited the Fulcrum website recently, you’ve probably noticed our updated look. In addition to new animations and graphics, we’ve also streamlined how the site works, allowing visitors to easily navigate the site to quickly find what they’re seeking.  Probably the biggest change is in how we’ve streamlined the customer journey to suit individual […]

Utility pole inspection software success stories

Utility poles are everywhere, so much a part of the landscape that we don’t even notice them. That is, unless something goes wrong. A power or cable outage due to a defective utility pole is bad, sure. But did you know that about 10% of California’s wildfires are caused by utility pole failures, including Camp […]

How quality assurance inspection software is critical for an effective quality program

Quality assurance inspections keep operations running smoothly but require effective data collection to assess if work is up to standards, identify problem areas to improve, and avoid rework.  But not all data, or the means to collect it, is created equal – how data is collected drastically impacts its overall reliability and usefulness.  For example, […]

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