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Customer Stories

Learn how some of our 50,000+ users across 100+ countries use Fulcrum to transform the way they work.

Brown and Caldwell: From legacy methods to digital transformation

"Comparing our pre-Fulcrum days to now, we’ve seen a 30 percent reduction in data QA and management time."
Sean Kilpatrick, Senior Principal Engineer
Brown and Caldwell

Providing risk management consulting to large commercial clients with Fulcrum

“Traditionally in the property risk control industry, if a field engineer is allotted 8 hours to do a survey, they get 16 hours to write the report. Now report writing time is reduced to almost zero. It’s actually a 66% time savings.”
Kristin Carrington, CEO
Carrington Risk Consulting

Conducting pole audits, feasibility studies, and fiber optic route maintenance

"Fulcrum is a very efficient way to collect your field data and have it instantaneously available to use in the office. That’s important in our industry."
Jeff Whitman, Network Solutions Advisor

Creating large-scale asset inspection, management, and auditing tools

Fulcrum is far more than just a mobile data collection platform. It has become a core component of the services provided by our Geospatial Technologies (GIS) team. The ability to access Fulcrum from external software/web-based solutions allows us to build enterprise-level tools to fulfill our clients’ asset management, mapping, and reporting requirements.

Century Engineering

Inventorying water distribution systems, installing new meters and automating billing processes

Field deployment was simple and easy to manage. Little training was necessary as the system is fairly self-explanatory with data field descriptions and prompts. Once our data was cleaned up and organized in Fulcrum, our staff commented on the speed of the system as well as the accuracy of GPS location.

City of Wyoming

Providing support during the COVID-19 pandemic using georeferenced data

The possibility of working offline and syncing when networks are available will also be vital. The environment, appearance and experience for the end user are very friendly and intuitive which will save us valuable time for training that we currently do not have.

Community Alliance of Baja California Sur

Collecting data on structural integrity for seismic protection and compliance

Fulcrum has allowed Degenkolb's engineers to collect data faster, minimizing the disruption to sensitive hospital departments. Using classification sets tailored to the specifics of building layout has allowed engineers to minimize typing on mobile device, and made for more consistent results.

Degenkolb Engineers

Tracking invasive plant species and obtrusive wildlife with Fulcrum

Skilled staff who used to be engaged in data processing, are now freed up to value-add to other aspects of the organization's business.

Desert Channels Queensland

Fulcrum field data collection provides an environmental edge

"We’re seeing time savings of between two and five hours per day, per employee. As a small company, the cost reduction associated with that time reduction is enormous."
Colin Diehl, CEO and Co-Founder
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