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Extend your value by simplifying mobile data collection, workflow, and reporting.

Strategic Technology Partners

Fulcrum extends leading ERP, CRM, field service, asset management, and other solutions farther into the physical world by enabling mobile data collection and sharing across the enterprise.

Consistent, repeatable processes

Fulcrum extends your solution’s reach by helping workgroups collect high-quality data, create automated workflows, and generate alerts and reports — all seamlessly integrated into your solution.

Easy customization

Reduce project success risk by ensuring that your customers stay productive and pivot quickly when new data collection requirements result from customizations to your solution.

Complete control

Fulcrum provides bi-directional integration via supported APIs to ensure that integrations are fast, reliable, and easy to maintain.

Solution Partners

Fulcrum helps you create additional margin with repeatable, easy-to-customize solutions and solution extensions built on your IP.

Help non-technical personnel achieve specialized results

With Fulcrum’s rich data collection and reporting features, your customers can capture imagery, signatures, video, and location data — without additional training, and even without WiFi.

Quickly update solutions without writing code

When new standards, equipment, or procedures come out, your customers can use the Fulcrum no-code platform to satisfy compliance requirements by instantly changing and deploying your data collection apps, workflows, and reports.

Rely on robust, cloud-based application storage and security

Fulcrum’s SaaS-based infrastructure ensures that your customers’ data, apps, workflows, and reports are all accessible from anywhere through secure APIs and web interfaces.

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Realize your goals sooner through improved workflows, operational suggestions, and integrations that make you and your company more productive.

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