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The Fulcrum Focus

Stay in the know with thought leadership, product updates, and latest news on field inspection and data collection topics.

Fulcrum as a Platform

We’re making rapid progress in all areas of developing on Fulcrum and we are excited to see the level of interest from around the world.  We’ve got potential partners wanting to develop private-label apps powered by Fulcrum as well as a growing collection of DIY users taking the power of Fulcrum in directions we had […]

Mobile GIS? Really?

Field data collection is really expensive in every sense of the word.  In fact, it is one of the most expensive aspects of any GIS project or other geospatial activity.   Being in the field requires considerable resources relative to churning out maps and analysis in an office environment.  It’s puzzling to me then why […]

Fulcrum at the Esri Federal GIS Conference

Later this week we’ll be at the Esri Federal GIS Conference showcasing Fulcrum, along with some other Spatial Networks capabilities and data to a host of federal agency representatives, NGOs, GIS professionals, and others. The federal marketplace is replete with organizations that have a need for mobile data collection tools. With smartphones ubiquitous, cheap, and […]

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