Transportation & Traffic Data Collection
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Drive the power of the best digital data collection platform for the web, iOS, and Android. Fulcrum allows you to rapidly create and deploy custom forms and mobile apps for conducting road assessments, sign inventories, and inspections of any kind.

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Be thorough, be detailed.

Fulcrum gives you the ability to keep detailed audits of all traffic assets in your sector, affording you much higher levels of efficiency on future inspections.

Doing right-of-way right.

Instead of text input and picture documentation for assets, Fulcrum can quickly capture status of rights-of-way and asset locations using SpatialVideo.

3rd party integration.

Fulcrum easily integrates with industry-standard 3rd-party GPS devices giving you professional levels of accuracy.

Manage multiple teams.

Allocate resources on the fly for any given scenario so when things change, you can be ready to move people on the ground as needed.

After giving Fulcrum a try, many companies in the transportation industry increased their rate of productivity while decreasing the man-power required to execute projects in the field. Take a look at few examples and you’ll get a feel for how Fulcrum is making a big impact for companies just like yours.


Telecommunications, land & asset management, rail freight operations, and the delivery of major projects for Victoria, Australia.

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Expand Your Data Collection Process

The overwhelming benefit of using Fulcrum has been a shift in culture in terms of data collection. The introduction of GPS tracked video would have been perceived as something requiring expensive hardware and custom developed inspection software. Now it’s a reality that we work with. We have closer integration with our GIS system, plan future works more efficiently, and conduct more creative, spatially aware analysis of information.

Century Engineering

Engineers and technologists collaborating to provide comprehensive asset management solutions.

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Speed Up Reporting & Decision Making

Century chose Fulcrum for many reasons, but primarily for its unmatched mobile data collection capabilities, and the ability to easily integrate with other technologies to provide our clients with comprehensive program management solutions. Fulcrum is far more than just a mobile data collection platform.

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