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Electric Utilities

The Fulcrum data collection platform empowers electric utilities to standardize field data collection, customize digital apps for even the most complex processes, and seamlessly integrate with GIS and enterprise systems. All in one platform you can access from your phone.

Fulcrum lets electric utilities shine bright.

Utility poles line single lane country road
A screenshot of Fulcrum's digital inspection platform using an equipment inventory.

Quickly locate issues

View your records on a map for real-time geospatial insights.

  • React instantly to emergency situations
  • Verify the location of costly equipment
  • Monitor your workforce across a large area

Reduce wildfire threat

Monitor and verify vegetation management, inspect power poles and lines and more to ensure continued service to your customers.

Improve crew safety

Inspect equipment and work sites to quickly identify and remediate hazards that jeopardize the safety of your teams.

Optimize performance

Give technicians step-by-step guides for handling complex installations as well as following environmental regulations and OSHA standards.

What is Fulcrum?

Fulcrum is a SaaS-based field inspection management platform that digitizes inspection processes, provides intelligent automation for inspection teams, and delivers data-driven reporting and analytics to drive safer and higher-quality outcomes.


Digitize inspection processes & ensure compliance

Get the most out of your field inspections with easy-to-use checklists, team-wide issues, task management, and fully customizable inspection processes that can be built in minutes.

Drive intelligent automation for inspection teams

Streamline inspection processes on Day 1 with easily configurable workflows, task templates, safety, and quality process validation via an out-of-the-box issue management framework.

Enable data-driven decisions with reporting and analytics

Promote organization-wide improvement using actionable insights from real-time reports, performance dashboards, and location-aware analytics.


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Improving utility field ops with location-based data

You’ve got to keep track of your people, your equipment, and their statuses. The question is, how?


Learn how Fulcrum allows GeoForce to outshine its competitors by collecting data that’s more accurate – and more timely.

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Fulcrum for Utilities

Whether you’re managing projects or people, safety or quality, our field inspection management platform can help you do it better.