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State and Local Government

The Fulcrum data collection platform helps state and local government standardize inspections, adapt off-site processes to exact specifications, integrate seamlessly with GIS, and bridge the gap between FieldTech and back-office ecosystems.

Fulcrum – empowering safety, optimizing operations.

A building inspector for a state or local government agency performing an mechanicals inspection in a building

Improve public safety

Keep on track with critical safety inspections even with backlog and staffing challenges.

Maximize equipment life and uptime

Perform consistent, automated equipment inspections and machinery inventories incorporating FieldTech such as external sensors to optimize maintenance scheduling and operational uptime.

Easily share findings with regulators and the public

Instantly created professional reports suitable for sharing with contractors, regulators, and the public to demonstrate operational transparency.

What is Fulcrum?

State and local governmental entities trust Fulcrum’s industrial-strength, SaaS-based field data collection and process management platform to capture and share reliable information about on-site activities, much faster than paper or other digital solutions.

Standardized, easily customized, and well-integrated data bridges the gap between FieldTech and office ecosystems to boost productivity and improve decision making.

Standardize data collection
Digitally transform your processes with a single platform that increases productivity, improves data quality across all use cases, and securely delivers real-time data.
Customize collection processes
Easily adapt to changing requirements with drag-and-drop app modification, full customization and extension capabilities, customizable reporting and alerting.
Streamline two-way integration
Expand your data's reach and utility with best-in-class Esri ArcGIS integration, real-time, two-way connectivity with any application, and comprehensive integration capabilities with FieldTech tools like drones and sensors, as well as email, SMS, and more.


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Learn how Santa Barbara County Fire Department increased number of wildfire prevention inspections performed daily from 3 to 20 with Fulcrum.

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