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Maximize the Impact of Location

Our industrial-strength GIS data collection capability ensures that you can standardize Fulcrum for every field use case.

Fulcrum Geospatial Capabilities

Fulcrum GIS Lines and Polygons Demo Video

Watch this five-minute GIS lines and polygons demo video to discover how Fulcrum’s advanced geospatial features can revolutionize your field-based data collection efforts.


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Create powerful, location-rich data collection apps with ease

Use a visual, drag-and-drop interface to create most data collection apps: no spreadsheets, no code. Require, allow, or disable location capture in a click. Easily include advanced geospatial geometries with any app. For unique requirements, use Javascript to fully customize any app or process.

See how TREKK combined Fulcrum, GIS, and 3D cameras

Use location to boost confidence and productivity in the field

Capture device location by default for better accuracy and ease of use. Show field workers the data, layers, and geometries associated with their records — on the basemap they choose, even offline. And make it easy for them to collect accurate point, line, and polygon data.

Webinar: Best practices in field data process design

Get better geospatial data and audit trails without stressing the GIS team

Receive location tracks for video and audio captures so you can see where your team was and how they moved as they recorded. Get automatic geotagging on every picture. Connect to high-accuracy GPS units. And get a geostamped audit trail to see where people were when they changed records.

Learn how GeoForce empowers clients with data

Integrate geospatial data in both directions

Pull Fulcrum data in real time using GeoJSON, KML, and Esri Feature Services. Export data in Geodatabase, shapefile, SpatiaLite, SQLite, PostgreSQL, KML, and GeoJSON formats. Import shapefiles with points, lines, or polygons. Use the API to obtain a record or device location, set a record location, or read, create, update, and delete layers.

See a geostamped video

Maximize the value of Esri with tight two-way integration

Leverage the power of a platform built on Esri’s SDK. View Feature Service Layers directly in Fulcrum, secured by in-app authentication to ArcGIS if needed. Share Fulcrum data as Feature Service Layers, or share Fulcrum-managed points, lines, polygons, and their related data directly with Esri ArcGIS.

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Standardize field data collection

Digitally transform your processes with a single platform that increases productivity, improves data quality across all use cases, and securely delivers real-time data.

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Customize collection processes

Easily adapt to changing requirements with drag-and-drop app modification, full customization and extension capabilities, customizable reporting and alerting.

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Streamline two-way integration

Expand the reach and usefulness of your data with best-in-class integration with Esri ArcGIS, real-time, two-way integration with any application, and built-in integration with email, SMS, and more.

Asset management

TREKK logo testimonial block

“We will map the connectivity between different assets using ArcGIS – then by layering in Fulcrum, we’re not just mapping the asset, we’re also collecting all the attributes, the condition, the structure design, the measurements, the big picture, and using this data to deliver a turnkey report that we include in our GIS deliverables.”

Jared Carey, Innovation Specialist, TREKK

Jared Carey, Innovation Specialist

TREKK Design Group, LLC

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Ease of integration

Tilson Tech customer testimonial logo

“We need ease of integration. Fulcrum really stands out for having a modern, easy-to-use interface to get data in and out.”

Gavin Kelley, Senior Software Developer, Tilson Tech

Gavin Kelley, Senior Software Developer

Tilson Tech

Customer story

Field Operations

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“We use Fulcrum for training, pole inspections, line patrol, just about any type of field operations. We incorporate it into as many places as we can in the field to see what information we can collect from our crews.”

Brian Stroud, VP & GIS Developer, GeoForce Utility Technologies

Brian Stroud, VP & GIS Developer

GeoForce Utility Technologies

Customer story