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Reduce downtime, improve safety, and make quality your brand with Fulcrum for manufacturing inspection and data collection processes.

Worker performing a digital inspection using a tablet in an industrial manufacturing setting

Reduce downtime

Perform consistent, automated equipment inspections and machinery inventories to optimize maintenance scheduling and operational uptime.

Maintain consistent, rigorous quality assurance / quality control

Define your brand for quality with quality assurance and quality control checks inserted into standard operating procedures and expanding flagging of quality issues to everyone, not just those on the platform.

Improve safety and prove OSHA compliance

Maximize worker safety on the plant floor and demonstrate compliance with OSHA and other regulatory requirements.

What is Fulcrum?

Manufacturers worldwide trust Fulcrum’s SaaS-based data collection platform to capture and share reliable information about production activities, much faster than paper or other digital solutions. Standardized, easily customized, and well-integrated data collection delivers improved clarity for decision-making and better productivity for lower costs.

Standardize data collection
Digitally transform your processes with a single platform that increases productivity, improves data quality across all use cases, and securely delivers real-time data.
Customize collection processes
Easily adapt to changing requirements with drag-and-drop app modification, full customization and extension capabilities, customizable reporting and alerting.
Streamline two-way integration
Expand the reach and usefulness of your data with best-in-class integration with Esri ArcGIS, real-time, two-way integration with any application, and built-in integration with email, SMS, and more.


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Man performing a digital field inspection using a tablet - how to operationalize standards into digital inspections

How to operationalize standards into digital inspections

Standards form the backbone of operational excellence, defining the quality, safety, and efficiency expectations for organizations. In contrast, inspections play a critical role in ensuring successful business operations by upholding standards and evaluating compliance. Bridging the gap between broad standards and practical digital inspections is critical for effective standards implementation.

Measuring the ROI of FieldTech

ROI of FieldTech: Digital inspections and process management

Ever wondered how digital data collection influences your bottom line? In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate the critical role of data collection in process management and explore the ROI of FieldTech.


Learn how manufacturer Halton Company's switch to Fulcrum reduced the time to implement changes and improvements by months.

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