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Fulcrum for Environmental & Natural Resource Management

Field data collection for the web, iOS, and Android is easier than ever before. With Fulcrum, you can rapidly create and deploy customized forms for conducting wildlife surveys, field inventories, ecological assessments and much more.

Environmental Data collection for iPhone iPad Android
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Bush Heritage
  • Desert Channels Queensland
  • Greenpeace
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife
  • Reef Catchments
  • Freshwater Trust
  • Kenya Wildlife Service
  • NEON

Powerful Features to Make Your Job Easier

  • No connection, no problem.

    Our adaptive mobile platform works 100% offline. Gather data in remote locations where no wireless network is available, using all of our mobile features.

  • Custom map overlay support.

    Use your own custom map data like imagery, property boundaries, or other GIS data from mobile using offline map layers. Publish map layers to your field staff.

  • Share and publish.

    Providing timely reports to stakeholders can be a driving force in environmental project management. Generate reports to share your data and inform others of your research.

  • Stay informed to plan ahead.

    The only constant in the natural environment is change. Track changes in the environment over time to easily identify patterns and make adjustments.

How Can Fulcrum Help You?

After giving Fulcrum a try, many companies in the environmental and natural resource industries increased their rate of productivity while decreasing the man-power required to execute projects in the field. Take a look at a few examples and you’ll get a feel for how Fulcrum is making a big impact for companies just like yours.

Collaboratively Gather and Share Data

Create surveys to deploy to groups to collaboratively collect and share data. Your field staff can use Fulcrum's mobile apps in remote areas, offline to gather information on environmental observations. Desert Channels Queensland is now collecting a vastly larger amount of data, the data processing time is dramatically reduced due automation enabled by Fulcrum, from simple web maps to more complex visualizations. Read more about what DCQ is doing to work together on monitoring environmental and wildlife issues all across rural Queensland.

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Speed Up Reporting & Decision Making

Get answers to questions more rapidly using Fulcrum's fast collection and syncing capability. After data is captured in the field, push data to the cloud over the air for near real-time visualization and reporting. The International Dark Sky Association's data collection process used to consist of manual pen-and-paper recording to be organized in Excel, leaving data open to inconsistency and reporting issues. With no steep learning curve, the IDA crew collected field data and geo-tagging records within minutes using Fulcrum.

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Bring Collection & Analysis Closer Together

Give your teams quicker, clearer deployment feedback by instantly analyzing the data they sync from the field. Prior to Green Collar using Fulcrum, data collection and management was restricted by the delay between collecting data in the field and analyzing it back at head office to determine the next steps of their projects. Now, because of Fulcrum, if they detect a change from their remote sensing systems, or need data collected to make an instant decision, they get a team on the ground and have data instantly syncing back to head office enabling decision making with zero lag time.

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