Field Data Collection for Environmental Management
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Mobile Data Collection for Environmental Services

Deploy custom mobile data collection forms to environmental scientists and technicians for sampling soil, air, and water quality, monitoring wildlife, tracking invasive species, conducting tree surveys and more with our data collection app for iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

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Mobile data collection for Android and iOS

Fulcrum is a cloud-based mobile data collection platform that enables users to gather field data with their Android or iOS devices and share it with the office in real time.

With our intuitive desktop drag-and-drop app builder, Fulcrum users can create custom mobile forms (no coding necessary!) and deploy them to field teams instantly. No more cumbersome, error-prone paper forms; just fast, accurate, geotagged data.

Used as a standalone location-based data collection platform or integrated with existing services such as GIS and asset management systems, our platform puts data into actionable, meaningful context.

Environmental engineering and consulting firms use our mobile app for:

  • Tree condition surveys
  • Soil sampling
  • Water pollution monitoring
  • Conservation easement monitoring
  • Wildlife tracking and more
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Mobile forms software increases productivity

More than 56,000 organizations around the world use Fulcrum to gain valuable insights into their assets and operations. Our mobile forms software enables our customers to save time and resources, standardize their data, conduct instant QA/QC, and leverage location intelligence to make more informed business decisions.

Fulcrum users report time savings as high as 66%!

Works offline.

Our mobile data collector app works 100% offline. Gather data in remote locations where no wireless network is available and still use all of our mobile features.

Easy environmental audits.

Identify invasive species, harmful algae blooms and other toxic conditions before they become a problem with real-time information sharing.

Geotagged photos and videos.

Scientists and techs can complete surveys in a fraction of the time using GPS-tracked photos, audio, and video that enable quicker, more accurate data collection.

Collect and share instantly.

Instant syncing means instant communication between field techs and the office, which enables decisions to be made and critical actions to be taken faster.

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Here are some popular Environmental apps to get you started:

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Environmental organizations are leveraging location intelligence with Fulcrum

World Wildlife Fund
Bush Heritage
Desert Channels Queensland
Florida Fish and Wildlife
Reef Catchments
Freshwater Trust
Kenya Wildlife Service
Desert Channels Queensland
Desert Channels Queensland

Helping landowners manage the natural resources of an area larger than California and South Carolina combined.

Collaboratively Gather and Share Data

Create surveys to deploy to groups to collaboratively collect and share data. Your field staff can use Fulcrum's mobile apps in remote areas, offline to gather information on environmental observations. Desert Channels Queensland is now collecting a vastly larger amount of data, the data processing time is dramatically reduced due automation enabled by Fulcrum, from simple web maps to more complex visualizations. Read more about what DCQ is doing to work together on monitoring environmental and wildlife issues all across rural Queensland.

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International Dark Sky Association
International Dark Sky Association

Sharing knowledge on how to preserve dark skies and reduce light pollution on local, national, and international levels.

Speed Up Reporting & Decision Making

Get answers to questions more rapidly using Fulcrum's fast collection and syncing capability. After data is captured in the field, push data to the cloud over the air for near real-time visualization and reporting. The International Dark Sky Association's data collection process used to consist of manual pen-and-paper recording to be organized in Excel, leaving data open to inconsistency and reporting issues. With no steep learning curve, the IDA crew collected field data and geo-tagging records within minutes using Fulcrum.

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