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Fulcrum data collection technology supports environmental specialists in standardizing field data collection, tailoring processes to specific environmental needs, and integrating seamlessly with GIS and enterprise systems for insightful, actionable data.

Because cleaner data nurtures greener solutions.

Fulcrum field data collection for Environmental GIS

Improve team efficiency

Give your team clear, consistent checklists and easy-to-modify workflows to promote performance optimization.

Know your environment

Inspect equipment, provide baselines, and verify compliance to cost-effectively manage wastewater, light pollution, biomass volume and type, infrastructure, and more.

Get geographic in real time

Project your data onto a map for unique insights – as quickly as it can be collected.

  • React instantly to urgent situations
  • Show environmental issues across large areas
  • Keep your team in the field instead of the office
  • Leverage ArcGIS™ for even richer mapping

Demonstrate compliance

Use metrics to show the effectiveness of your environmental protection efforts.

  • Remediation and liability
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Water and waste management

What is Fulcrum?

Environmental organizations, contractors, and agencies worldwide trust Fulcrum’s SaaS-based data collection platform to capture and share reliable information about environmental field activities, much faster than paper or other digital solutions. Standardized, easily customized, and well-integrated data collection delivers improved clarity for decision-making and better productivity for lower costs.

Standardize data collection
Digitally transform your processes with a single platform that increases productivity, improves data quality across all use cases, and securely delivers real-time data.
Customize collection processes
Easily adapt to changing requirements with drag-and-drop app modification, full customization and extension capabilities, customizable reporting and alerting.
Streamline two-way integration
Expand the reach and usefulness of your data with best-in-class integration with Esri ArcGIS, real-time, two-way integration with any application, and built-in integration with email, SMS, and more.

Customer Story

See how Brown and Caldwell increased efficiency and reduced errors in their data with Fulcrum.

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Browse through our resources designed to help you get the most out of Fulcrum.
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Data-driven environmental safety: stories from the field

Learn how digital field inspection management lets your field teams be your environmental safety eyes and ears.

Two women performing wellhead inspection with Fulcrum helping them in navigating environmental compliance challenges

Great Lakes Wellhead – Navigating complex environmental compliance challenges

Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc. (GLW) is a contractor serving the oil and gas industry with exploration and production (E&P), wellhead maintenance, gas storage, and wellhead disposal services. Around half of its business focuses on the gas and storage sector, while the other half caters to E&P projects. To aid in its highly regulated and potentially dangerous work in environmental compliance, Great Lakes Wellhead adopted Fulcrum data collection software in 2020.


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