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  • You can then field test the solution during your 30-day free trial.

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(This is a special offer available to companies with 50 or more employees.)

Increase Safety, Quality, & Compliance

Get better inspection consistency and accuracy
Improve effectiveness across all of your inspections by using rigorous processes that any inspector can follow
Streamline and automate reporting
Deliver complete and timely reports and data to managers, analysts, clients, regulators, and other stakeholders
Make faster, smarter decisions with better information
Drive smarter decisions with real-time inspection data that includes automatically generated location intelligence
There’s a four-page app for when third parties do a site assessment, with probably 50 or 60 questions. That used to take me about 20 minutes to do with a paper version. Walking around with Fulcrum, I can do it in less than half that time.

Jim Metz, VP of Safety, FM Sylvan

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Even tech-shy inspectors will benefit from user-friendly features such as:

  • Simple pick lists and yes/no buttons
  • Pictures, video, and audio
  • Bar code scanning and automatic geotagging
  • Digital signatures
  • Instant reports
“Very intuitive software. I never developed an app before and had a fairly complex app running in 3-4 hours. It saves my company a ton of time.”
– Ronald Westhauser, Redaptive

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