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Digitize safety inspections to protect workers and automate OSHA compliance

Maximize productivity. Ensure compliance. Access advanced geospatial insights. Bridge your FieldTech tools with your office ecosystem. Do it all with the industrial-strength Fulcrum field data collection and process management platform built to handle the most complex use cases, demanding environments, and exacting standards.


Take it for a test run, challenge your field ops boundaries, and unlock new possibilities along the way. Start your free 14-day trial today.

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Improve field processes
Track team effectiveness, drive actionable plans, and upgrade productivity with rigorous processes and better data.
Streamline reporting
Ensure accurate, up-to-date, accessible documentation for clients, managers, regulators, and organization-wide.
Make data-driven decisions
Leverage real time, geotagged data to spot opportunities, determine next steps, and make faster, more informed decisions.

Learn how to upgrade your safety program by going digital with the Fulcrum field data collection and process management platform.


Create apps everyone can use

Fulcrum replaces paper, spreadsheets, and fillable PDFs with iPhone, Android, and tablet apps. Even your most reluctant technology adopters will want to use your app with its user-friendly features such as:

  • Simple pick lists
  • Yes/No buttons
  • Automatic geotagging
  • Digital signatures
  • Instant reports

As your needs change, so can your app. Make updates instantly without coding.

Jim Metz - speeds things up, adhering to safety sop

Jim Metz

Vice President of Safety
FM Sylvan
Fulcrum speeds things up. It was almost instantaneous. It allows accountability for people running the job to see what their guys are doing to make sure they’re adhering to safety policies.
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James Watts - adjusting processes due to issues uncovered

James Watts

Director of Health and Safety
Snavely Forest Products and Weekes Forest Products
We learn how to improve our warehouses by seeing issues in monthly inspections. For instance, we change tactics with our fire protection vendors if inspections show consistent problems with fire extinguishers. Once you close the loop from action to insight to further action, the possibilities are limitless.
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