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Elevate your operations with GIS-first data collection

Discover Fulcrum, where data collection meets GIS mastery. Compatible with Esri ArcGIS and other GIS platforms, we equip your field teams to capture unparalleled insights in real-time, setting a new gold standard in utility management.

  • Implement location-first approach to data collection
  • Complement your GIS with rich location data
  • Take visualization to the next level with in-app lines and polygons
  • Support your utility field teams with GIS data and maps even when offline
  • Capture location data by default
  • Prevent dirty data from entering your GIS platform
  • Integrate seamlessly with Esri ArcGIS and others


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Streamline operations, boost productivity, and enrich your GIS

Fulcrum’s GIS-first data collection platform empowers utilities to elevate their GIS programs, seamlessly integrating in-app GIS tools that drive streamlined operations and amplify productivity.

Improve field team performance

Boost field inspection productivity with checklists, in-app SOPs, and GIS auto-capture.

Get real-time, accurate data

Deliver lightning-fast emergency response with industry-best data and GIS integration.

Fuel insights with location intelligence

Get the clarity and actionable insights you need to make decisions and optimize operations.

Get a peek inside Fulcrum’s Lines and Polygons

Fulcrum’s new line and polygon capability lets field teams

  • Standardize on Fulcrum to access, create, change, and share lines and polygons directly from their mobile devices
  • Avoid the complexities of working directly within a GIS to get the best outcomes

The line and polygon feature works along with other industrial-strength capabilities, like easy app creation, sophisticated integration capabilities, location intelligence, and ease of use, making us the go-to platform for field data collection.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear from our clients how Fulcrum improves productivity for a boosted bottom-line.

Colin Diehl - It’s hard to overstate the significance of this increased efficiency

Colin Diehl

CEO and Co-Founder
It’s hard to overstate the significance of this increased efficiency. We’re seeing time savings of between two and five hours per day, per employee. The cost reduction associated with that time reduction is enormous.
Juston Iborg - A crew of two people can do it all at once using Fulcrum

Juston Iborg

Director of Business Development
Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc.
Rather than sending 100 people a year to do different inspections and tasks at the same site, a crew of two people can do it all at once using Fulcrum.


Before Fulcrum, two full-time employees plus a contractor were needed to perform 45 inspections a day. With Fulcrum, that rate increased to 60 inspections a day with only the two employees, eliminating the need (and expense) of an outside contractor.
Matt Marsh - 3 inspections, now 20 field ops

Matt Marsh

GIS Analyst
Santa Barbara County Fire Department
Before we were able to do three inspections a day and now we can do 20 inspections a day. A lot of that just comes from the simplification of the inspection form and the default auto-population. I think it really saved a lot of time for the inspectors out in the field.

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