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Fulcrum empowers field workers with seamless digital access to reference documents

New attachments capability enables mobile teams to drive more consistent, higher quality, and safer outcomes for inspections and field operations

St. Petersburg, Fla., April 29, 2021 —Fulcrum today announced that its no-code mobile workforce automation platform can deliver reference documents, such as safety data sheets, standard operating procedures, and process manuals, to field workers as attachments to their Fulcrum mobile apps. This new capability will increase the maintenance of safe work environments and help assure consistent, high-quality results — without the need to carry cumbersome paper documentation.

Fulcrum users will improve their performance and consistency by having the appropriate reference documents immediately at hand inside the mobile app whenever they’re performing inspections, cataloguing assets, installing equipment, or engaging in other field tasks. Since the Fulcrum platform synchronizes any attached reference documents along with its mobile apps, they are continuously available even when there is no WiFi or mobile connectivity.

Project administrators and team leaders benefit from simplified document distribution: Once they attach an application-specific reference document, every team member gets the new or updated document without additional effort. They can supply field users with any file that can be used on their devices, so there’s no need for time-consuming conversions to more common formats.

In addition, mobile teams will soon be able to streamline their inspection and field operations processes by attaching electronic documents directly to individual activity records. Unlike reference documents, these attachments are part of the record of a specific inspection or field activity. This eliminates common problems related to the loss, destruction, and mutilation of paper records, while avoiding wasteful workarounds such as printing and photographing electronic documents. Fulcrum also eliminates all of the complex bookkeeping associated with tracking, syncing, storing, and sharing documents — as well as the difficulty of managing an audit trail of all of those activities.

“Fulcrum’s new reference document capability empowers mobile workforces to digitize even more elements of safety programs, quality inspections, and field operations,” said Jim Grady, CEO of Fulcrum. “Doing so brings a greater number of activities into the realm of intelligent automation.” App-level attachments are generally available today to all users, with record-level attachments following within weeks. Interested parties can start a trial of Fulcrum trial here.