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Check out our resources designed to help you get the most out of Fulcrum.

Fulcrum data collection tools for IT professionals

Is your IT team struggling with data collection ambiguity, integration challenges, and required constant technical intervention? We’ve got you covered in this overview datasheet. Start by learning how Fulcrum’s security protocols protect your valuable data. Then discover how Fulcrum data collection tools for IT empower and optimize operations by:

Geospatial capabilities: Maximize the impact of location

Embark on a journey to discover how geospatial data can redefine your field operations strategies. The following piece explores the geospatial capabilities of the Fulcrum platform, demonstrating its potential to transform organizational efficiency and decision-making with advanced location intelligence.

Getting more out of Esri with Fulcrum

As a GIS professional, you know the power of Esri ArcGIS in project planning, analysis, and management. But what if we told you that Esri integration with Fulcrum could elevate your field teams’ capabilities and take your GIS to the next level? With seamless integration between Esri’s best-in-class GIS software and Fulcrum’s industry-best data collection platform, you get more. More robust field-collected datasets, more support for your field teams, and more efficiency for your GIS operations.

Fulcrum GPS tracking – Tracing a water sump environmental area

Discover the power of GPS tracking for water environments using Fulcrum, demonstrated in a two-minute video by Jake, Fulcrum’s own VP of Product Marketing. This instructional video provides practical insights for field teams, showcasing the ease of capturing and mapping a water sump area using Fulcrum’s digital data collection app.

Fulcrum’s GPS tracking – Tracing a downed power line

Welcome to the future of accurate GPS tracking for power lines using Fulcrum FieldTech!  Join Jake from Fulcrum as he demonstrates the simplicity and power of our application in tracking downed power lines – a task critical for maintaining safety and restoring services.

Field data collection made simple

Discover the transformative power of the Fulcrum data collection platform. Download the data sheet below to explore how Fulcrum redefines the efficiency and accuracy of field operations. This is more than just a tool; simple field data collection with Fulcrum is a strategic asset that propels your field activities into a new era of productivity.

Bidirectional data flow for quicker, safer power restoration

Power outages challenge utility companies to act fast and smart. The core strategy? GIS field data collection, a critical technology for swift service restoration and safety assurance. It connects field crew actions with centralized system insights, empowering a faster recovery process. Field teams using GIS can promptly report issues, making data-driven decisions that speed up the power restoration work and minimize outage time.

Chart new territory with lines and polygons in Fulcrum

Join Fulcrum’s top product executives in an exclusive webinar as they unveil the latest breakthrough in field data collection and management: native lines and polygons in Fulcrum. This enhancement revolutionizes how organizations harness geographical data, catering to the industrial-strength GIS demands of field-oriented industries.

Fulcrum GIS lines and polygons demo video

Explore Fulcrum’s capabilities with our concise five-minute GIS lines and polygons demo. This engaging tutorial goes beyond basic instruction, showcasing how to revolutionize your field data collection. It uses practical scenarios, like power pole inspections, to demonstrate the real-world application and effectiveness of Fulcrum’s GIS-first data collection platform.

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