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Check out our resources designed to help you get the most out of Fulcrum.

Optimizing electric grid operations with advanced field data collection

Are you seeking to transform your electric grid operations? If yes, our on-demand webinar is a must-watch. Watch to learn how advanced geospatial data collection significantly boosts the efficiency, sustainability, and resilience of electric grid operations.

Capture, correct, and communicate geospatial data with Fulcrum

Do you want your highest-value field data to be used to its highest potential? Join Coleman McCormick and Jake Freivald to explore how Fulcrum can transform your approach to geospatial data collection and process management in the field.

ROI of FieldTech: Digital inspections and process management

Ever wondered how digital data collection influences your bottom line? In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate the critical role of data collection in process management and explore the ROI of FieldTech.

Field-connected: Integration techniques in Fulcrum

Data increases in value and impact as it gets shared. So how can you maximize the value of the field data you collect in Fulcrum? And how can you maximize Fulcrum’s use of data from other systems? There are many integration techniques in Fulcrum, and we’re here to demo some of them for you.

Chart new territory with lines and polygons in Fulcrum

Join Fulcrum’s top product executives in an exclusive webinar as they unveil the latest breakthrough in field data collection and management: native lines and polygons in Fulcrum. This enhancement revolutionizes how organizations harness geographical data, catering to the industrial-strength GIS demands of field-oriented industries.

Getting higher-quality data from the field

This webinar will focus on several issues related to the standardization and improvement of higher quality field data collection. In addition, we will explore how fixing these issues naturally helps solve some workforce issues you’re probably facing.

Notes from the field: best practices designing field data processes

Fieldwork is demanding, expensive, and full of unforeseen challenges. Achieving an optimized, efficient workflow involves iterative stages, trial and error, and focused testing. These efforts balance trade-offs to capture the necessary data. Join Coleman McCormick, in collaboration with Geo Week, as he shares best practices for designing field data processes.

Translating standards into digital inspections

Standards are vital in upholding health and safety best practices, yet the key challenge lies in effectively translating standards into digital inspections with actionable processes for various workplace scenarios. Our on-demand webinar offers essential insights on converting these standards into digital inspections, enabling more efficient and comprehensive safety checks.

Fulcrum launch: integration with Esri

Embark on an exploratory journey with our on-demand webinar, highlighting Fulcrum’s integration with Esri. This year marked a significant milestone for us at Fulcrum, as we successfully integrated with Esri’s renowned SDK. Now, we invite you to explore the impactful results of this integration, showcasing a new era in location-oriented solutions.

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