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ROI benefits of field data collection software

Discover the transformative power and benefits of field data collection software! In the following infographic, we’ll unveil the remarkable advantages of integrating modern field inspection technology into your business operations.

How to operationalize standards into digital inspections

Standards form the backbone of operational excellence, defining the quality, safety, and efficiency expectations for organizations. In contrast, inspections play a critical role in ensuring successful business operations by upholding standards and evaluating compliance. Bridging the gap between broad standards and practical digital inspections is critical for effective standards implementation.

Fulcrum Insider – Issue 32

Welcome to the Fulcrum Insider – Issue 32 for January 2024, a gateway to the latest advancements and insights in field operations technology. In this edition, we do a deep dive into the powerful integration of Fulcrum’s platform with leading GIS and SaaS tools, unlocking new efficiencies and accuracies in fieldwork.

Fulcrum GPS tracking – Tracing a water sump environmental area

Discover the power of GPS tracking for water environments using Fulcrum, demonstrated in a two-minute video by Jake, Fulcrum’s own VP of Product Marketing. This instructional video provides practical insights for field teams, showcasing the ease of capturing and mapping a water sump area using Fulcrum’s digital data collection app.

Fulcrum’s GPS tracking – Tracing a downed power line

Welcome to the future of accurate GPS tracking for power lines using Fulcrum FieldTech!  Join Jake from Fulcrum as he demonstrates the simplicity and power of our application in tracking downed power lines – a task critical for maintaining safety and restoring services.

Fulcrum for the field and beyond

Fulcrum stands out as a dynamic data collection platform, expertly tailored for the varied needs of both field and office teams across industries. In the field, it simplifies data gathering and improves productivity. In the office, it boosts the use of data to make more informed decisions. This dual capability makes Fulcrum an essential tool for organizations aiming to enhance their operational performance and strategic depth.

Field-connected: Integration techniques in Fulcrum

Data increases in value and impact as it gets shared. So how can you maximize the value of the field data you collect in Fulcrum? And how can you maximize Fulcrum’s use of data from other systems? There are many integration techniques in Fulcrum, and we’re here to demo some of them for you.

Field data collection made simple

Discover the transformative power of the Fulcrum data collection platform. Download the data sheet below to explore how Fulcrum redefines the efficiency and accuracy of field operations. This is more than just a tool; simple field data collection with Fulcrum is a strategic asset that propels your field activities into a new era of productivity.

Fulcrum Insider, Issue 31

Fulcrum Insider – November 2023

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