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Resource library

Check out our resources designed to help you get the most out of Fulcrum.

Dakota Native American housing and census project

This short video shows how better data is helping five sovereign Native American tribes represent their populations to the US government.


Performing electrical distribution inspections, maintenance, and mapping with Fulcrum.

Northwestern University

Molecular-bioscience researchers studying natural diversity in nematodes (or roundworms) in Hawaii.

Premier Utility Services

Organizing large-scale gas infrastructure inspections, damage prevention, and leak detection.

Redzone Software

Protecting homes and infrastructure from wildfire with real-time data.

Rodriguez Consulting

Conducting hydrant inventories to aid in civil engineering municipal works.


Consulting on major electrical, environmental, and transportation infrastructure projects. Learn how SMEC uses Fulcrum’s mobile data collection and workflow automation platform to perform field asset inventory on many different projects.

Tilson Tech

Conducting telecom, cellular, and pre-fiber inspections across the United States with Fulcrum.

Trimat Testing

Performing maintenance inspections on roadways, runways, and other asphalt or concrete surfaces.

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