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Check out our resources designed to help you get the most out of Fulcrum.

Translating standards into digital inspections

Standards are vital in upholding health and safety best practices, yet the key challenge lies in effectively translating standards into digital inspections with actionable processes for various workplace scenarios. Our on-demand webinar offers essential insights on converting these standards into digital inspections, enabling more efficient and comprehensive safety checks.

Overcoming Challenges in Inspection Technology Adoption

Gain practical guidance on how to overcome challenges when trying to onboard new technologies that should reduce injuries and prevent incidents. Review real-world examples and principles of change management, to identify strategies you should use to overcome hurdles such as technical challenges, cultural differences, human psychology, implementation time and cost.

Getting Better Results from New Employees Using Digital Checklists and SOPs

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how digitization of safety and quality inspections and SOPs can increase productivity, streamline communication, generate safety and quality data, and automatically generate documentation in real time.

Beyond Checklists: Digitizing Permitting Processes

It’s hard enough to get people to follow normal safety inspection checklists. How much harder is it to gain compliance and effective reporting for permitting processes? Explore ways you can use digital inspection technology to improve your organization’s compliance, documentation and efficiency in permitting.

Safe workplaces start with Fulcrum

Effective project delivery requires attention to detail, especially in aspects like quality inspections, safe workplaces, and asset maintenance. Relying on instinct alone falls short – measuring processes and outcomes is key. Whether it’s infrastructure development, maintenance, safety compliance, or field-based installations, enhanced data leads to superior performance.

Circuit Protection Checklist

A circuit protection checklist provides a comprehensive list to ensure that your electric power system is meeting all the safety requirements. It also ensures the system is providing protection to your facility against any kind of electrical hazards.

Improve safety, quality & your bottom line with digital data collection

When you look across your projects, consider how your digital data collection processes, quality inspections, safety inspections, and SOPs are ensuring that you’ll realize a profit rather than a loss. Specifically, start with the data — and the ability to measure the quality, safety, and effectiveness of your processes and teams.

Construction worker safety for new, returning, and older workers

Discover the Key to Construction Worker Safety – Download Our Infographic Now!

So you’ve digitized inspections. What next?

Going digital increases the rigor of compliance safety inspections and improves the productivity of inspectors. However, digitization must go beyond just improving an individual process. It should enable your organization to use the safety inspection data to truly transform the entire organization so you can be more productive, safer, and achieve better financial outcomes.

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