Collect Data Anytime, Anywhere With Fulcrum

Design custom forms and deploy to mobile devices for fast, efficient, and reliable mobile data collection. Get an in-depth look at the features that make Fulcrum an indispensable platform.

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Deploy to many platforms

Design custom mobile forms in your web browser with our drag-and-drop form builder, and quickly deploy them out to field staff for fast mobile data collection.

screenshot of Fulcrum web app
Cloud-based Web App
screenshots of Fulcrum on Apple and Android mobile devices
Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)

For all stages in the data cycle

From field collection to analysis, Fulcrum powers all phases of your mobile data lifecycle.

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Easily build customized mobile forms in your browser, with no coding knowledge required.

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Deploy your customized forms to your mobile users with the Fulcrum mobile application. Take your data collection ideas from a whiteboard concept to a deployed application in just minutes!

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Use our Android or iOS mobile applications to collect data in the field anytime, either online or offline and quickly sync data to your Fulcrum cloud account!

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Image of Fulcrum on a mobile device
image of Fulcrum reports


Report on your data using many powerful visualization options, QA, and other data management tools!

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We've designed our platform to be extensible, allowing you to integrate your own database systems, set up custom notifications, and build tools using the Fulcrum API!

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