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We Make Data Collection Simple

Create custom forms and deploy to mobile devices for fast, efficient, and reliable mobile data collection. Get an in-depth look at the features that make Fulcrum an indispensable platform.

Fulcrum benefits customers in every stage of the data cycle

If you work on form design, personnel management, field data collection, QA/QC, reporting, analysis, or...anything, really, our platform has workflow-enhancing features to make whatever you do a whole lot easier.


Eliminate workflow redundancy by easily building customized mobile forms in your browser. No coding knowledge required.

App Designer

Customizable Building Blocks

Our drag-and-drop builder includes every data type you need, conditional skip logic, and more.

Paper To Digital In Minutes

Convert your paper forms to digital in just minutes, not hours or days.

Rich Media Collection

Capture geotagged pictures with annotations, record videos, or collect audio notes from the field.

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Speed up communication by instantly deploying your customized forms to your mobile workforce in the field.

Push Changes On Demand

Push forms and data to the field in real-time. If you make changes to a form while it's in use, your changes are deployed immediately, no need to redistribute files or require your mobile users to do anything. It's automatic.

Dispatch Assignments

Assign work to mobile users for tasking and work order processing. Give field staff a daily workload of assignments to complete.

Flexible Mobile Platform

Use our native mobile applications on either iOS or Android for data capture. We've got customized interfaces tailored for both phone and tablet form factors to optimize the end user experience.

Manage Teams & Roles

We provide configurable role options for defining and controlling what your mobile users are permitted to do.


Collect data online or offline in the field with Fulcrum for Android or iOS, then sync it to the office. Stop wasting time on illegible handwriting and redundant data transcription.

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Works Offline

Fulcrum can be used offline in fully disconnected environments to collect data. Data is stored on the device and is synced back to the cloud once you reach wi-fi or cellular coverage.

Use On Many Devices

Use hundreds of iOS or Android device models for collecting data. We support mixed environments and bring-your-own-device.

Automatic Location Capture

Everything you collect with Fulcrum is automatically tagged with a GPS location coordinate, allowing you to see all of your work on a map, as it's happening.

Sync To Cloud

When you sync your mobile device, your data is sent back to the cloud for storage and easy access by your team, wherever they are.

Collect Media, Spatially

Capture geotagged pictures with annotations, record videos, or collect audio notes from the field.

Make Use of Basemaps

Use basemaps from online or offline sources, like Google Streets, Satellite imagery, OpenStreetMap, custom map servers, or your own offline map packages.

Collect Signatures & Scan Barcodes

Include signatures on reports from inspectors or customers and scan barcodes to search your asset databases or to log product entries in your form.

Report Image


Make faster, more informed decisions from your data using many powerful visualization options, QA, and other data management tools.

Export in Many Formats

Use our export tools to generate data in several industry-standard file types, including Excel, CSV, Google Earth, and Shapefile formats.

Everything on a Map

View your data on a web map interface to perform analysis and quality checks of data captured in the field. Make edits and modify assignments for staff members. Query the data using search and filter tools.

Monitor Productivity

Use the Activity Stream views to see how data collection is going in real time, with information on who is active and what they're collecting so you can visualize field productivity.

Generate PDF Reports

Generate reports from captured data in PDF format to send to customers and stakeholders.

Version History

Everything you create or edit in Fulcrum from any device logs historical versions of records over time. Scroll back in time through your data to track changes as they happen.

Video Mapping

Playback SpatialVideo content in your browser to see where video clips were collected on a map interface.


Expand your capabilities by integrating your own database systems, setting up custom notifications, building automation tools using the Fulcrum API, and more.

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Easy Publishing

Publish real-time feeds of data for your projects using Data Shares. Provide live-updating feeds in CSV, KML, or JSON format for external uses like sharing with customers.

Fulcrum API

Use our full-featured developer API to build your own custom tools, scripts, and programs for automating your workflow.

Integrations With Powerful Services

Send your data to CARTO's powerful web mapping & visualization platform, connect Fulcrum with Zapier's host of automation services, synchronize with ArcGIS Online to share within your organization, and more.

Embeddable Maps

Create map embeds to insert on your website, blog, or internal dashboards for real-time visualizations of data from the field.

Open Source Tools

Use our open source API libraries for easy development using your language of choice.

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