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Construction Quality

Make the most of your construction quality program

Ensure quality – and avoid rework – with Fulcrum field inspection management

Eliminate costly rework

Validate conformance to plan specifications as work is performed to spot and correct issues early. Inspect materials as they come in, perform checks of jobs in progress, and examine and approve work as it moves from one phase to the next for consistent quality – all in real time.

Boost supervision and support

Guide your teams in real-time to quickly identify issues that cause rework and downtime. Ensure adherence to quality standards by capturing photos and video that show remote supervisors what’s happening on the ground. Provide reference materials to make your worker’s handheld a jobsite manual.

Make quality your brand

Track inspections, issues, and remediation in real time to provide company-wide visibility into quality initiatives. Give everyone a stake in quality by letting anyone report issues simply by scanning QR codes. Easily share quality data with prospects, customers, contractors, and other stakeholders.

Enable data-driven improvement

Use the inspection data you collect to better coach your team and make more informed decisions, improving quality and reducing the risk of rework. Promote organization-wide quality improvement using actionable insights from real-time reports, performance dashboards, and location-aware analytics.


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Digitally transform your field quality inspection program with Fulcrum

Make field quality inspections simple, accurate and fast. Spot quality problems early and eliminate costly rework for good.

Automating field inspection management for construction

Still using pen and paper for your construction quality and safety inspections? Find out what you’re missing, and how digital field inspection technology can transform the way construction firms do business.

Check out our data sheet to discover how the Fulcrum digital field inspection management platform improves the uniformity, flexibility, and speed of construction safety, quality, and maintenance inspections for construction companies, contractors, and engineering firms.

Aaron Vanover - catch more issues

Aaron Vanover

Manager of Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Halton Company
Using Fulcrum, Halton Company’s quality control team provides richer, better documented support, enabling them to catch more issues.
Gavin Kelley - training period short, same data whether junior/senior collector

Gavin Kelley

Senior Software Developer
Tilson Tech
It is so easy to use that our training period is greatly shortened. Data quality is very important to us so it can’t be overly complicated. We still get the same data quality regardless if it is a junior or senior data collector.