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Digitize field-based quality inspections

Easily standardize and automate digital quality inspections, even for your field teams.

Cut paper use – and workloads

Eliminate paper inspections’ siloed data, time-wasting (and error-prone) transcription, and communication gaps. Create easy digital inspection processes so workers aren’t tempted to revert to paper. Perform inspections – even where there’s no signal – that capture location information automatically.

Boost supervision and support

Guide your field team in real-time to quickly identify issues that cause rework and downtime. Ensure adherence to quality standards by capturing photos and video that show remote managers what’s happening on the ground. Provide reference materials to make your worker’s handheld a field bible.

Improve inspection performance

Implement easy-to-use digital quality inspection processes that go beyond checklists with easy-to-use picklists, photos, and references. Avoid confusion by showing only the steps needed based on current conditions.

Enable data-driven improvement

Use the inspection data you collect to better coach your team and make more informed decisions, improving quality and reducing the risk of rework. Promote organization-wide quality improvement using actionable insights from real-time reports, performance dashboards, and location-aware analytics.


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Construction engineer looking at tablet and smiling at Fulcrum's location-based field data collection platform

The Fulcrum guide to location-based field data collection

Unlock the Power of Field-Based and Location-Based Data
In today’s fast-paced world, data is the cornerstone of effective decision-making. Our comprehensive guide zeroes in on the transformative capabilities of both field-based and location-based data collection, offering you a roadmap to unlock invaluable insights.

Quality essentials: sturdy materials, sharp eyes, hard data

You need to make keen observations of the workplace, whether with scheduled inspections or through real-time issue observation.

You need to make keen observations of the workplace, whether with scheduled inspections or through real-time issue observation. But these moments in time become substantially more valuable if they can be aggregated to help you describe, justify, and make decisions about your quality program. Converting quality inspections, observations, and even everyday actions into easy-to-access data can provide the quantitative basis for higher-quality outcomes and better decision-making.

Sean Kilpatrick - Brown & Caldwell - We drive success by making captured data actionable

Sean Kilpatrick

Principal Engineer
Brown and Caldwell
We drive success by making captured data actionable, because data by itself is just a pile of information. We can use it as part of our long term planning. We can use it to help recognize patterns, and then take corrective actions.