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Digitize mobile data collection

Gathering info – and insights – is easy with the Fulcrum field data collection tool

Ditch the pen and paper

Eliminate the clipboard and its siloed data, time-wasting transcription, and communication gaps. Digitize mobile data collection processes to capture, annotate, and share information you could never get from paper such as photos, videos, audio, barcode scans, location data, and more.

Capitalize on location data

Ensure that you get cleaner data into your geographic information system (GIS) by capturing location information by default. Create custom location-aware data collection processes that push data into your GIS in real time, and display maps from your GIS on handhelds for improved user confidence.

Play well with others

Boost your data’s utility with easy integration with more than 40 back-office applications. Export specific data, automatically generate PDF reports, and create shared views for employees, managers, regulators, and other stakeholders so everyone is on the same page.

Enable data-driven improvement

Use the data you collect to better coach your team and make more informed decisions. Promote organization-wide improvement using actionable insights from real-time reports, performance dashboards, and location-aware analytics.


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Kristin Carrington - data gathering faster more accurate - GIS

Kristin Carrington

Carrington Risk
The data-gathering process is faster and more accurate. No more not knowing where a building is located, or transposing latitude and longitude. In the export, you know it’s right.
Sean Kilpatrick - Brown & Caldwell no data entry, better accuracy, less room for error

Sean Kilpatrick

Principal Engineer
Brown and Caldwell
The digital forms also mean that you don’t have the person doing data entry. It's removed a step. And every time somebody touches a piece of data increases the chance for error. So whether it's just a typo, because you can't read somebody's is that an eight or a B, or a seven or a one, you can check all those things.
Gavin Kelley - ease of integration, no

Gavin Kelley

Senior Software Developer
Tilson Tech
We needed ease of integration, and we were seeing a lot of siloed systems. It was the classic SaaS problem where our data would be held hostage in their environment, and we wouldn’t have good access. Fulcrum really stood out in that regard, for having a modern, easy-to-use interface to get data in and out.