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Digitize and automate OHS inspection processes

Streamline inspections and follow-on tasks to simplify workplace safety compliance.

Make safety compliance easy

Ensure company-wide adherence to safety procedures with easy-to-use digital inspection processes that go beyond checklists with easy-to-use picklists, photos, and references. Avoid confusion by showing only the steps needed based on current conditions.

Demonstrate OSHA compliance

Save time on OSHA and other regulatory reporting with data that is easily accessed, collated, and shared. Easily export specific inspection data, automatically generate PDF reports, and create shared views for employees, managers, regulators, and other stakeholders so everyone is on the same page.

Adapt to changing regulations

Modify and instantly redeploy field inspection processes, checklists, and workflows as workplace safety regulations or organizational needs change.

Create a culture of safety

Track inspections, issues, and remediation tasks in real time to provide company-wide visibility into your safety posture. Give everyone a stake in workplace safety by letting anyone report issues simply by scanning a QR code.


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James Watts - safety recordkeeping time reduced 75%, managing follow-up

James Watts

Director of Health and Safety
Snavely Forest Products and Weekes Forest Products
Using Fulcrum for safety audits improved recordkeeping efficiency by as much as 75% for every inspection. Fulcrum helps us improve our processes and make our work environment safer by streamlining inspections, surfacing inspection-related insights, and managing follow-up actions.
Jim Metz - safety - access to more bids

Jim Metz

Vice President of Safety
FM Sylvan
We met with [a client] recently and they were like, ‘Wow, we had no idea you could do that. Your safety program is really impressive.’ And that opened up another door to more access to bids.